Want Better Results From Your 401(k) Mutual Funds?

Stop Operating on Autopilot

It’s Fall.

Time for the annual ritual of what’s referred to as “open enrollment.” And if you’re like most people, you focus most, if not all of your attention, on your healthcare benefits. In part because you can make changes to your 401(k) at any time of the year.

More likely, though, it’s because you’re operating on autopilot.

When was the last time you checked your contribution level?

When was the last time you analyzed your mutual fund holdings and rebalanced your portfolio?

If you work for a publicly-traded company, how much exposure, if any, do you have to your company’s stock?

If your answer to any of these questions is, “I can’t recall,” guess what? That means you’re not proactively managing your 401(k) – you’ve automated yourself out of the investment process!

And I bet it’s because you feel overwhelmed.

You feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of mutual funds available to you, typically at least 20.

You feel overwhelmed because you don’t know how to choose in which funds to invest or how to put together a portfolio of mutual funds – so you either select target-date funds out of laziness or you make your selection based on nebulous factors.

You feel overwhelmed because you can’t figure out the ideal amount you should contribute that will also allow you to enjoy your lifestyle – today.

But as you know from other areas of your life, decisions made in a state of overwhelm can often lead to poor choices and avoidable mistakes.

When it comes to 401(k) investing, that looks like…

not having an investment strategy and/or adjusting your portfolio only when the market drops

having too many mutual funds in your portfolio believing that more funds equals having a diversified portfolio

“forgetting” about 401(k)s with former employers and thus abdicating control over that pool of money and not factoring this into your overall investment portfolio

I don’t want you making these mistakes any longer because they are costly and easily avoidable!

You just need a plan and a repeatable process you can follow.

A combination that sets you up to successfully go from operating on autopilot to operating deliberately and strategically. A combination that will take your 401(k) investing from mediocre or good to GREAT! And, great is what leads to better results.

Now that…that’s what I want for you.

I’m Jacquette M. Timmons – a financial behaviabout-jacquetteorist.

I work with everyone from the middle class to the 1% – helping my clients blend the emotions of money with the math of money, let go of their money “baggage” and start to move forward with financial goals more clear, confident and in control than ever before. Through coaching, training, speaking and writing, I help my clients create a new financial reality – helping them figure out how to connect their money to life in a real and meaningful way.

When it comes to retirement planning, it bugs me that some employers make the process so general, employees get little to no value from the information and training provided by the company/organization.

Similarly, it also bugs me when employees are apathetic and don’t proactively manage their retirement accounts – out of fear of what they don’t know; disinterest; or, lack of urgency.When this happens, not only do you end up leaving money on the proverbial table, you loose out on the benefit of time.

I am the founder of Sterling Investment Management, Inc. and the author of “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate.” My work has been featured on CNN, HLN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.

401k_homead “What the H*ll Should I Do With My 401(k)?” is a 3-part interactive training session offered several times a year.

Here’s How the Training Works

On, day one, during a live webinar session, you’ll discover the 7-criteria you need to know to properly analyze a mutual fund, and how to use this data to easily assemble a diversified portfolio.

On day two – on your own, you’ll apply what you learned the day before. You’ll assess your mutual fund options and design a diversified portfolio. (This may take you between 60-90-minutes depending upon the number of funds in your employer’s plan.)

On day three, we’ll have a live Q&A call. You can submit your questions in advance or ask them live on the call.

“What the H*ll Should I Do With My 401(k)?” is for you if…

  • you are do-it-yourselfer and want guidance, direction, and unbiased advice to ensure you’re not overlooking any important elements of the process
  • you work with a financial advisor but want to be a more engaged and informed client
  • your employer provides training, but it’s boring and too general and you have a hard time personalizing the information
  • you’re comfortable using websites like Yahoo Finance
  • you’re comfortable completing spreadsheets and worksheets
  • you have life and money goals use them to provide context for the mutual funds you select
  • you’re open to the idea that the current retirement planning model is flawed and managing your 401(k) isn’t just about retirement planning in the traditional sense – yet, you realize it’s one of the best ways currently to provide tax protection to a designated pool of money

Your Investment

Your investment in the “What the H*ll Should I Do With My 401(k)?” training experience is a one-time payment of $247. Register early – class size is limited to 15 participants.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Live training session (day one) – where the 7-criteria and simple framework are explained
  • Recording of live training session
  • Spreadsheets for mutual fund evaluation & cash-flow analysis – plug-n-play tools that allow you to (a) enter your options so you can easily assess each mutual fund, compare them and construct a diversified portfolio, and (b) run a cash-flow analysis to see the “net” affect of your contribution level on your day-to-day lifestyle
  • Live Q&A call (day three) – where you get to ask questions (in advance or live on the call)
  • Recording of Q&A call

I want to get better results

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