About Sterling

Since its formation, in 1995, Sterling has served a myriad of clients. It has managed $1 million dollar investment portfolios for non-profit organizations and wealthy individuals, written an educational manual for participants in a governmental agency’s 403(b) plan, written a prospectus for a non-profit organization, which was used to attract investors for the organization’s $10 million equity fund, and conducted economic literacy workshops for thousands of people through local and national non-profit organizations, family foundations and multi-national corporations.

Firm was “born” out of a desire to provide a specialist, multi-manager investment approach, typically reserved for portfolio’s greater than $10 million, to investors with smaller portfolios. We defined ourselves as a money management firm (manager-of-managers) and managed money for nonprofit organizations and high-net-worth individuals

Conducted our first educational seminar, as part of the annual conference, for a national nonprofit organization

Had an “aha” moment and realized that more time, energy and resources were being spent on educational initiatives

Formally created an investment education division and launched a three-part workshop series for institutional clients, Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly™

Launched our individual financial coaching practice

Launched two workshop series targeted directly to individuals: My Best Year Ever, Financially™ and Meet Your Money™

Published the first issue of Financial Profundities, our e-newsletter

Launched Women, Money and Romance™ and published the Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly Workbook™

Launched TalkingLive – our tele-seminar series

Launched Get Back to Basics and Save Your $anity,™ a seven-week tele-course, offered twice a year

Launched the self-study series: Your Money, Your Career

We define ourselves as a full-service investment education and financial coaching firm. With an emphasis on financial self-awareness and practical fiscal fitness skills, our group workshops, tailored coaching programs, products and financial literature are all designed to teach people how to be smarter about and with their money.

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