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Centering the human side of money…

Because everyone reacts emotionally to money.

I first became aware of this on October 19, 1987 – aka “Black Monday.” I was just a year out of undergrad, still green behind the ears, and the stock market crashed. That day is as vivid in my memory as if it were yesterday, and here’s why:

I saw people that were so upset because of the money they lost (for themselves and/or their clients) they would have jumped out of the window if they could. Yet, there were others whose reaction was the exact opposite. They didn’t panic. Instead, they were quite calm.

This difference totally fascinated me.

Working in the Private Bank, managing money for high-net-worth individuals amplified my fascination and realization that money is never just about money.

I used to think people of wealth were different than others – different than me. What I discovered is that there is a difference, but not in the way many think. What we all have in common is this: Everyone wants to feel in control; confident about their choices; and financially safe and secure.

Over the years, what I’ve observed is that people who build and sustain wealth; people who remain calm in the midst of financial uncertainty have a plan.

They also work the plan and use metrics to measure how well the plan is working in order to see results of the plan.

With a plan, you’re better able to react on the calm side when the stock market goes awry or when life throws you a financial curve-ball.

With a plan, you don’t just focus on the numbers; you also consider the non-financial factors of managing money.

With a plan, you define what wealth is to you – in all its dimensions.

With a plan, you’re better able to manage the emotions of money because your success with money is not just about the dollars and cents.

But I bet that’s not what you’ve been conditioned to believe. Even if you’re an advocate of having a plan, you’ve been told to focus on crunching the numbers to…

  • meet your goals, dreams and obligations
  • move beyond your current situation, find solutions to your money challenges and create the financial security you desire
  • measure your progress and determine if you’re making the “right” life and money decisions

The problem with this approach is that numbers, alone, can’t account for how financially savvy you are. Plus, it does little to give you certainty, increase your confidence and provide clarity.

I’m Jacquette M. Timmons and I’m slightly obsessed with getting you to embrace the idea that financial success isn’t just about the dollars and cents.

Because everyone reacts emotionally to money!

Jacquette was able to help me look past the basic dollars and cents, to see the thought patterns that were driving my spending choices. The tailored financial action plan she delivered was realistic and easy to follow, moving me towards my goals.
Aduke Thewell

Identifying the underlying beliefs and behaviors that shape your results is key to your financial success.

I work as a financial behaviorist and am committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money. I provide behavioral-based financial coaching and advice to accomplished professionals – across the income and wealth spectrums. I also design and deliver workshops (and keynotes), and participate in panels for corporations, non-profits and conferences that explore a variety of “money and…” intersections.

I provide answers to the money questions that have been nagging you for weeks, sometimes years.

I serve as a sounding board to help you gain insight and clarity you wouldn’t achieve on your own – because you’re not likely to ask yourself the questions I will.

I have an MBA in finance and an undergrad in marketing from a design school – a combination that helps me bring a designer’s mind-set to you and your situation. By blending creativity, analysis, and empathy, I help you align how you create, manage and finance your goals with the dynamics of the new economy.

Because the rules of money have changed…

You need a plan of action where the numbers are integrated with your money strengths, money style and money personality.

Crunching the numbers will get you results, but math alone won’t get you the “best” results.

And you’re not one to settle. You want the “best” results possible, in every aspect of your life. Especially as you endeavor to move beyond your current situation, find solutions to your money challenges and create the financial security you desire. Click here for a formal bio.

That’s what I want for you, too! Let’s make it happen.
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The Financial Wheel

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