Areas of Focus


We offer general financial coaching, as well as “micro” coaching dedicated to addressing specific financial concerns and challenges. Like…


Financial Crisis Management – This will help you create stability in the midst of unexpected changes, such as a lost job (or business); the recent death of a loved one; or a windfall (yes windfalls can become a source of stress, too) .


Financial Review & Check-Up – Think of this as your personal financial audit; this helps you objectively answer the question we should all ask ourselves from time to time: How am I doing?


Strategic Debt Management & Reduction – The name says it all, but “strategic” is the key.


DIY: Investment Management – For the person who is a self-directed investor, this will ensure you are building a diversified portfolio of investments.


Financial DeTox & Cleanse – Heard of a detox for your body? The same principle applies, just a different focus of attention.  This will show you how to identify the obvious and not-so-obvious financial toxins in your life (and budget) and replace them with “healthy” alternatives.


Financial Intimacy – This will help you create a healthy relationship with your mate.

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