Financial Intimacy


The book examines the intersection of love and money. The book is a modest attempt to elevate the conversations normally had between couples about money so that talking about money becomes as mundane as deciding what to eat for dinner.


What people are saying about Financial Intimacy:

Timmons has created a road map for some very rough terrain. It’s usually not a lack of money that causes strife in a relationship; it’s the lack of financial literacy and emotional resources to communicate properly that can do a couple in. Financial Intimacy goes beyond telling couples how to manage their debt and invest for the future; it shows couples how to make those conversations routine and painless.

-Beverly Goodman, Senior Editor, SmartMoney: The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Financial Intimacy should be required reading…. There are all kinds of books on marriage and relationships,…. but I’ve never seen one that so brilliantly deals with creating healthy financial intimacy for couples.

-Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, and Overcoming Underearning

An absorbing exploration of the ways financial baggage can sabotage relationships and the many ways that women can understand their financial challenges and those of their mates.

– Julianne Malveaux, economist and president, Bennett College for Women

Timmons’s down-to-earth empathy and advice demystify finance…. This book will help women save relationships as well as money!

– Mary Lou Quinlan, CEO of Just Ask a Woman and author of What She’s Not Telling You

This lively book fills a vacuum in the literature…. Financial Intimacy is filled with interesting insights and pieces of wisdom.

– Dr. Howard P. Tuckman, dean of the Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

Jacquette Timmons merges the practical with the political in her exciting work; not only does she give us great insight on our financial lives, she does the creative work of showing how our personal lives affect and interact with our resources and vice versa. A true contribution from a wise, compassionate, and perceptive guide.

– Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America, Give Me Libery, and The Beauty Myth

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