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The Only Strategy You’ll Ever Need…

to save more; to remove your debt; to invest smarter; to earn more income; to live life with more financial ease

The rules of money have changed.

Today’s financial world is tremendously different than your parents (and grandparents). Heck, it’s vastly different than just a mere ten years ago!

You know this first-hand from your own experience. But, you also know this second-hand from discussions with and observations of your parents and grandparents regarding their experiences and choices with money.

Yet, if you are like most of the people with whom I work, the way you create, manage and finance your goals are largely based on practices that reflect the realities of the 20th century. Those “old” financial world tools and techniques limit your success given today’s 21st century financial realities.

And, it’s a new world order…

Today, most people are staying with their employer a whopping 4.4 years, and about one-third of the American adult population (approx. 42 million) are estimated to be freelancers. Switching jobs; switching industries; switching between working an an employee or entrepreneur is considered the norm (rather than an anomaly).

Today, you are responsible for every financial decision, choice and consequence. Fewer people work at places where a pension is even offered, and all 401ks (or similar accounts) rely on you to manage it.

Today, accessing the expertise of a professional money manager can happen with a couple of hundred dollars; you can avail yourself of a plethora of products and services; and you can do this all in the palm of your hand thanks to the $9 billion spent by the financial technology industry since 2008.

We call this the “New Economy.”

Because the rules of money have changed, the only strategy you’ll ever need, in the new financial order, is the one that is customized for you.

I was $10,000 in debt with no savings. Jacquette gave me the tools I needed, mainly solid daily goal-setting and planning to get my finances straight. With her enlightening advice, I crawled out of debt on a timely schedule. It took two years but I stayed on target. I also put $700 in a savings account within six months and that helped me sleep better at night. I am self-employed, so I already had a SEP account, but Jacquette helped me prioritize funding it. I credit Jacquette with getting me on track and helping me be financially successful and more secure.

Kristen Kemp

I’m Jacquette M. Timmons – a financial behaviorist and the author of “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate.” I provide behavior-based financial coaching for singles and couples and workshops (for corporations, non-profits and conferences).

My body of work, which also includes my writings and public speaking, explores a variety of “money and…” intersections.

And, I’m slightly obsessed with getting you to see that you don’t manage money per se…you manage your choices around money.

Everything I do is with the goal of helping you make better, smarter moves with your money.

I have an MBA in finance and an undergrad in marketing from a design school – a combination that helps me bring a designer’s mind-set to you and your situation.

By blending creativity, analysis and empathy, I help you solve problems, get answers, and satisfy your desires. In other words, I help you get out of your way so you can achieve your goals.

But, we don’t use the one-size-fits-all, information based approach of your parent’s (and grandparents’) generation. That doesn’t quite match the realities of today’s world.

Showing you how to adjust your approach to money to doing what is right for you, at the right time, in the right way is why I offer Financial Jam Sessions.

Jam sessions represent the epitome of where improvisation meets expertise, listening, and communication. I know; my mother was a professional musician and “jamming” was a constant presence in my life.

When it comes to music, the goal is to make an incredible sound.

When it comes to money, the goal is to fast-track an incredible action plan to help you meet your money goals with ease.

Think of me as your (financial) band leader leading you through a fluid, but structured, process designed to discover your money story, meet your goals, and create a strategy you can’t wait to implement.

During a targeted, 90-minute working session, we’ll focus on one to two areas of your financial picture, whether that’s to

  • save more
  • remove your debt
  • invest smarter, or
  • earn more income

Get Started…Now

At the end of your jam session, you’ll have a customized strategy and action plan you can’t wait to implement.

This gives you a chance to tap into my insight & experience – all gained from working with a broad spectrum of people with varied financial conditions, experiences, obligations, wants and needs.

You also benefit from my non-conventional, sometimes contrarian view of the world (which comes in handy from a creative-thinking perspective), quirky personality (which makes dealing with money-related matters fun and engaging) and personal wisdom acquired first-hand from my own “life and money” lessons (which means I act as your guide and never like the “expert guru” talking down at you).

And for good measure, you’ll have email access for questions for 30-days.

Here’s how you get fast-tracked to a new financial reality:

  • Book your Financial Jam Session. Click here to get started.
  • You’ll immediately receive “next step” instructions, which includes a Pre-Session Questionnaire.
  • We’ll have a 90-minute virtual targeted working session where we’ll collaboratively go over everything you’ve shared with me to map out a concrete, personalized and actionable plan.
  • After the call, you’ll receive a recording of our session for your reference as you implement your game-plan.

Everything is private, confidential, safe and secure.

A Financial Jam Session is all about creating a workable plan that gets you results you wouldn’t on your own effort alone.

This is for you if:

  • You tend to be a Do-It-Yourselfer and you want a second opinion to confirm what you’re doing is right in both the short- and long-term. Or, if you want support as up-level your money game.
  • You appreciate the value of a coach and a structured coaching process but don’t want to commit to a long-term engagement.
  • You have a plan in your head…and want help getting it out on paper so you can see the full & complete picture…and finally implement it!
  • You are someone who doesn’t wait for a crisis before taking calculated risks and making proactive decisions.
  • You geek out on having insight, clarity and self-assurance when it comes to managing your money.
  • This car analogy applies to you: your car broke down and need immediate road-side assistance.

Book Your Financial Jam Session

A Financial Jam Session is a non-refundable investment in your new financial reality. It’s a live experience – you and me, one-to-one. Not a packaged or digital product. When we work together, I’m putting everything I have into you — thinking about what’s best for you given the information you’ve shared with me about what’s important to you. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING – everything I’ve learned, everything I know, everything I’ve observed, everything I’ve experienced, everything I am. All. For. You.

Price: $750

Let's Jam!

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