Most of us have been told that having patience is a virtue

According to Merriam Webster, the word patient is defined as: “bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint; not hasty or impetuous; steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity.”

So, it’s considered a good trait to wait calmly for “yours” – whether you’re waiting for a project to come to fruition, for a decision to be made, or for progress to be visible. 

Regardless of the context, the message many of us get is to patiently wait for the right moment for whatever comes next.  

As a result, having a lack of patience is viewed as unfavorable. 

In my opinion, there are times when this is an unfortunate perspective to have.

But, There Are Downsides

To be clear, I am on your screen to make a case for why being impatient can be one of your greatest assets

But, it would be irresponsible of me not to mention a few of the downsides. 

For example, being impatient can: 

Lead to making decisions hastily, without fully considering all available information or weighing the consequences. This can result in poor choices that have negative consequences. 

Cause you to overlook details. When you’re impatient, you may be more focused on the end goal rather than the steps needed to get there. This can cause you to overlook important details or skip crucial steps, leading to errors or incomplete outcomes.

Increase your stress because you’re always pushing for faster results or progress. Or, because others aren’t meeting your expectations or working at a pace you prefer.

Cause you to jump the shark, as the saying goes, in the pursuit of an immediate result or resolution. This can lead to unintended consequences or regrets.

And the irony of ironies is that being impatient can cause you to give up too quickly, when persisting through the challenges or setbacks would eventually be beneficial in the long run. 

A Counterintuitive Perspective  

Spoiler alert: I tend to be impatient. Less so in my personal life and more so when it comes to business. 

And, navigating my business through this “funny money” season has really given me a greater and deeper appreciation for those times when impatience is actually beneficial

An idea I know some may find counterintuitive. 

But when things aren’t going my way, my response is to get in action.

Not simply for the sake of movement or to check something off my to-do list. 

While I wait on an outcome I can’t control, I aim to focus my attention and actions on what I control – aka: my role in the process.

Additionally, I aim to keep my eye on the prize – aka: stay focused on my vision and the growth necessary to make it my reality. 

The way I see it… 

Impatience creates urgency.

Because it invites you to: 

  • take action, 
  • be decisive about your choices, and 
  • get clear about your priorities and/or perhaps commit to shifting them. 

Ultimately, being impatient is a refusal to accept the status quo. It’s like a fire under you, urging you to move forward because you’re motivated to take matters into your own hands and make things happen. 

Yes, impatience often gets a bad rap. 

However, when it is tempered with wisdom and self-awareness, it can become one of your greatest assets.  

As such, having a lack of patience doesn’t have to be a negative trait. 

Noticing the Nuance

Perhaps it is self-serving, but I quite like the idea of viewing impatience as a sign of ambition, drive, and a hunger for success.

That said, I also know that like so much when it comes to money, business, and  life, it helps to recognize the role of nuance. Or, to notice when being patient serves you best and when it doesn’t.

I also think it helps to know what triggers your impatience. 

My impatience is really obvious (to me, anyway) when I’m not hitting my goals within my timeline. Or, when someone isn’t direct about their agenda or respectful about my boundaries. Or, when people are rude and apathetic.

What brings out your impatience? What makes you restless?

The goal is to develop a way to notice when to wait patiently for things to happen versus when to tap into the superpower that is your impatience to make things happen

For sure, finding the right balance between prudence, urgency, and courage is more art than science. But, it is definitely clear that striking this balance is an important ingredient to your success. 

So, embrace your impatience. But channel it wisely. 

Use it as fuel to propel you toward your goals, dreams, and desires in ways you never thought possible. But don’t let it blind you to the need for careful planning and thoughtful, strategic action.

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