Beyond the Numbers

Bespoke Financial Coaching with Jacquette M. Timmons

With Beyond the Numbers, you and I work together for three-months.

When we’re done, you’ll get more from your money and more for you life because we will have co-created a financial strategy that is perfectly fitted for you – your life, your goals, your dreams, your values, your strengths, and the story you want to tell now and in the future.

Here’s how it works:

  • We have six (6) calls, scheduled on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Discovery Call (1) – during this call, we’ll review your questionnaire responses and financial documents. This part of the process helps to prepare a baseline assessment of where you are today (no judgment!). It also gives us a chance to explore your money story through the lens of your habits, choices, and results, and identify both the financial leaks, as well as the financial opportunities you may be overlooking.
    • Working + Progress Calls (4) – these calls allow us to take a deep dive into what’s going on and to identify both the financial leaks, as well as the financial opportunities you may be overlooking. An initial strategy is prepared, along with implementation recommendations.
    • Results call (1) – A final plan is presented, along with a “back of the house” proposal of systems and financial organization strategies to help you stay on track and easily modify your plan as the need arises.
  • All sessions are 60-minutes; held over the phone (or via Skype) and recorded
  • You’ll have email support between calls during our 90-day engagement

(please note: for couples, it’s best if both of you are present for the Discovery + Results calls, but we can be creative about the Working + Progress Calls to reflect what’s best for your circumstances and desired goals.)

Here’s what you get:

A custom-designed clear-cut action plan informed by a thorough analysis of your finances (banking, investment and credit card statements), your patterns of behavior and the life story you most want to tell.

Extra, Extra!

Sign-up for a Beyond the Numbers coaching package and get FREE life-time membership into the Financial Intimacy Lounge – at the conclusion of our engagement. As a lounge member, you’ll get on-going peer support from our growing community, access to additional resources and monthly Q&A calls with Jacquette.

Beyond the Numbers

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When are calls held?

Coaching days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Daytime and evening appointments are available.

What if I miss a scheduled appointment?

As long as you give 24-hours advance notice, the no-show fee is waived. However, if you don’t provide 24-hour advance notice by email or voice-message, you’ll be billed $100.

How is the financial documentation I provide you protected?

We shred all of your financial statements (banking, investment, credit card) 90-days after our engagement ends? If you send materials electronically or via Dropbox and we download them to our computer, the documents are deleted 90-days after our engagement ends. The only document we retain is your completed questionnaire.

What if I’m part of a couple but my significant other isn’t into on-board?

While it would be ideal if you and sweetie were coached at the same time, don’t let his/her lack of interest stop you! Take the lead and let him/her see your transformation in action.

What if I know I need your coaching, but I have a LOT of debt?

If debt is holding you back, I invite you to take advantage of the payment plan. Or, look around your house and identify something you have used or worn in over a year and sell it on eBay. Or…(fill in the blank).

The point is this: Even with debt, you always have more than you can see – you just need to give yourself permission to look beyond the immediate overwhelm and stress that can blur your visibility.

I already work with a financial advisor, why do I need coaching?

I have my MBA finance and am a former money manager. But I don’t manage money or sell investment or insurance products. So, my work complements the expertise of the other members of your financial team – whether that’s a financial advisor, CPA, etc. Plus, your other advisor/s may not focus on the psychology + emotions of money to the extent that I do – especially when helping couples manage the intersection of love + money. You know how professional athletes have agents who manage their financial team? You can think of my role in your financial life in a similar vein.

Still have a question?

click here to schedule an Office Hour appointment – and we’ll figure it out together.


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