The 7 Best Money Choices You’re Probably Not Making…But Should

I’blogimage_177962691464368552_1383017858m sure you have heard the saying, “two heads are better than one.” It is often quoted to affirm that two people stand a better chance at solving a problem than just one of them. If you are not familiar with this adage, I’m sure you have experienced the benefits: have you ever been “stuck” trying to figure something out and someone came to the rescue with a piece of information – an insight, suggestion or tip – and it was exactly what was necessary to bring everything together for you? And once you got this information, did you have a “light-bulb” moment followed by a “duh” moment; did the other person’s contribution suddenly seem so obvious?

Well, just as other people help you solve problems; other people help you achieve success. Success, financial or otherwise, does not occur in a vacuum. Whether your goal is to earn or save more, spend less or invest with more wisdom, or a combination of all of these, accomplishing your goal cannot happen without the involvement of other people. Success is never – ever – achieved on one’s efforts alone.

Since problem solving and success go hand-in-hand; since two heads are better than one, why not be intentional about having other people help you be your best? Why not get an accountability partner?!

You, me, everybody – we all need accountability partners or people who can help us see what is not always immediately evident to us. These people give us the guidance, direction and feedback we need but may not always want to hear!

I am known for saying, “we are too close to our own stuff to notice what others can see very clearly.” As a result, it is hard for us to objectively assess what we are doing that we shouldn’t and what we need to do that we aren’t; it’s hard for us to acknowledge our blind spots. Blind spots abound in the realm of money and, ironically, they are less palpable the more money one has.

An accountability partner will help you not only become aware of your blind spots (financial and otherwise), but s/he will also coach you on how best to address them. If you are serious about experiencing another level of financial success, you will need an accountability partner!

You can hire a professional financial coach, or you can enlist a close family member or friend for the role. (Personally, I use both; I work with a coach and every four weeks I have a teleconference with three women to discuss our goals, successes and failures). Regardless of the approach you use, the idea is to work with someone who will hold you accountable for doing what is yours to do. (Remember: others help you, but you have to do the work!) The person(s) you select must be strong enough to pull your coat-tail when you drift off course, yet able to guide you with grace and sensitivity through the inevitable challenges you will face (hey, none of us are exempt from the vicissitudes of life).

So if one of your many goals is to get “better” with money, however you define better, get an accountability partner! It will make a tremendous difference – you’ll be able to achieve more with focused help than you could on your efforts (and willpower) alone. Trust me on this one!

p.s. If you’d like to explore having me as your accountability partner, I invite you to schedule a Financial Discovery Call…it’s complimentary! Complete this questionnaire to get started.

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