The 7 Best Money Choices You’re Probably Not Making…But Should

20100528-thinkingYou’re at tip #6, and you are almost done with this eCourse. Presumably, you’ve read the tips up to this point because you want to get better at something with regards to your money.  I don’t know your particular details, but I suspect you want more of something – is it more money, more discipline and control, more investment knowledge, more confidence, more success or a combination of all these?

In order to bring about the “more” that you want, I am going to encourage you to slooooooow down!

Being busy has become a fact of 21st century life, and I gather that like most people you are crunched for time.  Your calendar is over-booked with personal and professional commitments and multi-tasking (though proven to be ineffective) has become second nature to you.  But are you aware of the potential costs of your busyness?  For example:

  • What opportunities are you missing due to always having a hectic schedule;

  • What ideas are you not fully giving birth to because you are too busy to day-dream;

  • What have you overlooked because you made a move before taking the time to sit down and write up a plan – you moved from point A to point B without thinking it all the way through;

  • What resources are you taking for granted or not fully utilizing?

I once worked with a business coach, Laura Berman Fortgang, who advised me: “get quiet more often and let the dream find you.”  Her point: I needed to slow down and get off the “busy” treadmill if I truly wanted to discover the answers to my questions…if I wanted to discover the best way to go about achieving my goals.

What I have come to wholeheartedly believe is that the answers you seek are waiting on you.  But you will not connect with those answers if you are in a constant state of busyness.  Likewise, as more is demanded of you, the more critical it becomes for you to take time to get quiet.

How do you get quiet?  I suggest setting aside ten minutes each day to do ABSOLUTELY nothing!  This is an excellent way to condition yourself to slow down and not succumb to the seduction of confusing busyness with productivity.  And during your quiet time, don’t talk, read or write, just be.  The cumulative affect of this practice is immeasurable.

Fair warning:  The answers you seek rarely come during your quiet time, but they always come!!!

Are you one who already practices silence…great!  Keep it up.  If not, try it for the next seven days and let me know what you discover!

p.s. a really cool tool for this is available right on your smartphone! It’s an app called Insight Timer – download and take the free version for a test drive – you can set the timer to meditate for as little as a minute up to as long as 60-minutes!!

p.p.s. return to tip #1 – Track Your Time. Look at your daily activities through the prism of this questions: was this activity a “busy” activity or a “productive” one? Likewise, review your calendar to identify when is the best, most consistent, time for you to practice your quiet time – is it in the morning, around lunch, late afternoon, at night? The only rule is to set aside the time – when you do it is entirely up to you! (Remember tip #3.)

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