Financial Intimacy Conference

Relationships matter.

But you know that already, right? That’s why you invest time nurturing the relationships you have with your family, friends, and colleagues.

However, I can’t help but wonder: What do you do to consciously nurture your relationship with money.

Yes, that’s right…you have a relationship with money! Like your other relationships, the quality of the one you have with money is shaped by a variety of factors – you, your family, friends/peers, culture, social trends, etc. Like your other relationships, the one you have with money is multi-faceted, complex, and nuanced. Like your other relationships, the condition of the one you have with money is a by-product of your behavior, choices, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. And like your other relationships, your relationship with money sheds light on your character, and your degree of self-esteem and self-love.

You wouldn’t know that, though, based on the focus of most financial information and advice targeted to consumers like you.

I am Jacquette M. Timmons – a rebel with a cause. My cause: Helping people create a healthy with their money and it is driven by the question, “What impacts our relationship with money…and each other?” My pet peeve: When people focus just on the mechanics of money. My passion: Exploring the psychology of money and the mechanics of it, in all its permutations. My approach: Sparks conversations; creates connections; designs strategies using practical tools. My goal: To help people make meaningful choices. What I do: I work as a financial coach, trainer, speaker, and am the author of “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate.”

Why do I describe myself as a rebel? Because I had the audacity to create the Financial Intimacy Conference – an unfinancial, financial conference. Each conference features thought-leaders and cultural influencers brought together to share ideas, research, and best practices on the intersection of love and money. Together, we take an “inside-out” approach as we explore how social, economic and political factors and our families affect this intersection in our lives on a daily basis.

The conference is a space where we turn money into an unlikely communication tool – one that, in particular, promotes a new way of thinking and talking about money and behaving with it as well.  It is breaking new ground in the field of behavioral finance, bridging the areas of money, choices, behavior and relationships, for popular reality.

In one evening, we are looking to plant seeds of transformation; tap into the mystery of love and the science of money; and educate, entertain and inspire you. In one evening, we are looking to help you fall in love with your earning power because when this happens, it ends up being for the greater good of us all.

I invite you to join us on March 7th in LA – the next city on our 5-city tour. You can purchase your tickets using the “Order Now” button above. And if you want to learn more about the speakers and the evening’s agenda, please continue reading below.


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