Financial Jam Session

The “classic” money struggle…

Based on most of the financial articles you read or news reports you hear, you might be inclined to have the impression that everybody’s financial struggle is the same and confined to the “classic” money struggle.

You know, the one where you’re struggling to make ends meet or are floating in the deep-sea ocean of unmanageable debt.

But not everyone is in this boat. You aren’t — after all, neither of these examples describe the current state of your finances, right?

  • You’re not struggling to make ends meet.
  • If you have debt, it is manageable.
  • You have savings; you have investments.

Shoot, you feel pretty darn good about your finances!

So to outsiders, you have it all together — to outsiders, you don’t have questions, you don’t have any concerns, you don’t need help with your money.

Oi, voy! If they only knew the real deal, right? If they only knew about…

The “other” money struggle…

I know something those outsiders don’t! You may not struggle with money in the classic sense, but that doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with it on some level.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t crave clarity, confirmation, and as much certainty as humanly possible when it comes to understanding how your financial and non-financial choices affect the condition of your finances…and your life.

It doesn’t mean that you, too, don’t struggle with making sure you’re money is working hard for you.

I understand how you feel because I work with people just like you…

Your struggle is of a different kind, though — a kind that is frequently overlooked.


I even have a nickname for you and people like you: the silent struggler. Your struggle is often dismissed. It doesn’t get much media attention (or attention from the personal finance industry for that matter!). Because let’s be honest, your situation isn’t a juicy headline grabber — but it is just as worthy! And that is why I created a…

Financial Jam Session

It’s an experience designed to address what best describes your struggle, which fundamentally can be summed up with a question: “How am I doing?”

Day-to-day survival doesn’t wake you up at 3am. But I bet you do wonder:

  • Am I doing the “right” things with my money; am I making the right short- and long-term cashflow choices. (And by “right,” I mean right for you — not some generic advice applied without context.)
  • Am I investing wisely; is my entire portfolio under-, over- or properly- diversified? Am I minimizing my risks, while maximizing my return? In other words, do I have the right apples in the right basket in the right quantity? (I’d also say, you understand the need to expand your investment horizon beyond traditional assets to include – people and causes.)
  • Am I seeing the forest AND the trees? You recognize you’re probably too close to see where the financial leaks are, or to identify the financial opportunities — things someone else (like me) could easily see.


“I am super impressed with her ability to link together philosophical concepts with practical applications specific to money management and money growth. What eloquence, too!” Michelle Riu


Ultimately, you want clarity and assurance that the right choices you’ve made in the past are also the right choices you need to make right NOW.

JACQUETTE FLTC (16)_BBefore I tell you what a Financial Jam Session can do for you, let me tell you a little bit about me – your financial strategist + jam leader:  I’m Jacquette M. Timmons – a self-described financial rebel! Why a rebel? I have an MBA in Finance and I happen to love numbers. In fact, I managed money for high-net-worth individuals for many years. But I buck a deeply entrenched trend of my industry, which advocates focusing almost exclusively on the numbers – while paying little attention to the other parts of the money equation: the psychology + emotions of money.

I wear many hats – financial coach, workshop leader, speaker, author, and media personality. But I have one goal (your financial wellness) and one over-arching message (money is never just about money). So, I create services, products, and programs that are inspired by my goal and infused with my message so that you have what you need to make smarter financially-driven and financially-motivated choices!

How can a Financial Jam Session help you with your particular money struggle?

When you sign-up for a FJS, you’ll get a customized, strategic action plan. As a result…

…you’ll have a clear, blueprint for what to do – when – how and more importantly, why!

When you sign-up for a FJS, you’ll get a second set of eyes reviewing your materials (banking|investment|credit card statements). As a result…

…you’ll get an objective assessment of how well you are managing the four broad areas of your finances: earn, save, invest and spend.

When you sign-up for a FJS, you’ll get tailored ideas and practical tips + tools to help you take (even) greater control of how money impacts your life. As a result…

…you’ll experience less money-related stress and more financial joy because your money is working for you (instead of you solely working for it).


“…Working with Jacquette was a therapeutic experience that has transformed the way I relate to money…I was able to realize dreams that I thought were 5 plus years away in just a few months.” Takema Robinson

jacquettead2Financial Jam Session — here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up below and I’ll send you a questionnaire asking you all sorts of financial and non-financial goodies.
  2. After you’ve completed your questionnaire, you’ll send it back to me along with copies of your banking, investment, and credit card statements. (One month is cool; three months is better. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the most secure way to provide that data, as well as what measures I take to safeguard your information.)
  3. We’ll schedule our initial call — a 60-minute conversation to review your materials and dig into aspects of your financial picture that will help me create the perfect, customized, strategic action plan for YOU!
  4. Soon after our initial phone session, you’ll receive a write-up and mind map to include my assessment and suggested next steps.
  5. Then we’ll meet again approximately 15-days later for a 30-minute follow-up call to see how you’re doing with my recommended plan.

In the end, you get two (2) laser-focused 1:1 sessions with me for a total of 90-minutes (split over two calls). This gives you a chance to tap into my professional insight & experience – all gained from working with a broad spectrum of people with varied financial conditions, obligations, wants and needs for the past 26 years.

You also benefit from my non-conventional, sometimes contrarian view of the world (which comes in handy from a creative-thinking perspective), quirky personality (which makes dealing with money-related matters fun and engaging) and personal wisdom acquired first-hand from my own “life and money” lessons (which means I act as your guide and never like the “expert guru” talking down at you).

And for good measure, you’ll have email access for questions for 30-days.

When you and I are done with your Financial Jam Session, you’ll have clarity, assurance, and a game-plan you can put to use immediately!

A Financial Jam Session is for you if:

  • You are a Do-It-Yourselfer and you want a second opinion to confirm what you’re doing is right in both the short- and long-term.
  • You appreciate the value of a coach and the coaching process but don’t want to commit to a long engagement.
  • You have a plan in your head…and want help getting it out on paper so you can see the full & complete picture.
  • You treasure clarity a wee-bit more than certainty.
  • You are someone who doesn’t wait for a crisis before taking and making proactive steps and decisions.
  • You understand that it is the melding together of the soft- and hard-skills of money that lead to high financial performance.

You Ready to Jam?

You ready to see what mistakes you may be unwittingly making and how to correct them? You ready to rest in the awareness that you’ve done everything you can to strengthen your position as the “driver” in your relationship with your money (instead of you being the passenger)? You ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that actually makes dealing with money fun (imagine that!)?

Perfect! Just click the “Add to Cart” button below and we’ll get started.

one-time payment of $497:

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Got Questions?

Okay, if my spidey-senses are on point, you might have a few questions that go a little something like this:

Question: Is this jam session a back-door way of gathering assets to manage or selling investment or insurance products?

Answer: An emphatic NO! Yes, I used to be a money manager – initially within the Private Bank of a major investment bank and then when I branched out on my own. But today, my joy comes from helping you manage your choices by giving you unbiased, but directed advice – not from designing portfolio structures & selecting underlying securities. (And I’ve never sold insurance products!)

Question: You mentioned I’d get a “write-up and mind map;” what’s a mind map?

Answer: Because I am a visual thinker (actually, I believe we all think in pictures), part of your customized action plan includes a mind map. I find mind maps to be an effective planning + action tool…a perfect complement to the traditional text-based plan.

Question: When can I schedule my Financial Jam Session?

Answer: Financial Jam Sessions are part of my coaching practice, and I hold coaching sessions on select days of each month – typically Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The session times available are all Eastern Standard Time. And yes, evening times are available; the latest appointment begins at 8pm. After signing up, when I send your questionnaire, you’ll also get a link to access my calendar where you can choose the time that works best for you.

Question: $497?

Answer: Yup, your Financial Jam Session is a one-time payment of $497. This is an incredible deal given the price point of my signature coaching program.

Question: Do you have a refund policy?

Answer: A Financial Jam Session is a non-refundable investment in your financial wellness. It’s a live experience – not a packaged or digital product. When you and I are on the calls or when I’m reviewing your materials, I’m putting everything I have into you — thinking about what’s best for you given the information you’ve shared with me about what’s important to you. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING – everything I’ve learned, everything I know, everything I’ve observed, everything I’ve experienced, everything I am.

Now are you ready?

Then let’s get this jam session going…I am SO excited to work with you!


one-time payment of $497:


All the best,


p.s. I limit the number of Financial Jam Sessions and only offer five (5) each month, so if you want clarity, confirmation and a customized plan for your finances (and your life) lock in your spot NOW!

p.p.s. My mother is a professional jazz musician and growing up we would actually have improvisational jam sessions – she on the piano; me with my flute. So, my musical background actually gives me some jamming cred 🙂


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