The Curious Connection Between Emotional Eating & Impulse Buying

I am so excited that you’ve signed up to get the mp3 replay link for this month’s Financial Intimacy Hour:

My guest expert was Ali Shapiro – a health and wellness coach who fuses together the tools of a nutritionist, trainer and psychologist. And as you’ll soon discover, we covered A LOT of ground!

Listen to the recording while you’re commuting, working out, doing the laundry or dishes…you get the picture.

My hope is that the content will nourish you (pun intended) – giving you something new to both think about and to put into practice over time.

Once you listen to our session, you’ll see why: a) I believe she is fabulous, b) I wanted you to hear her approach to weight, fitness, and health, and c) I had such a fun time geeking out with her about the curious connection food and money share.


jacquetteworktogtherI’m Jacquette M. Timmons – a financial behaviorist. Coaching, teaching, speaking, and writing are a few of the ways I do my work, which has been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few. I’m also the author of “Financial Intimacy.” Using strategies that appeal to both left- and right-brained thinkers, I help people achieve their financial and life goals by incorporating the psychology and emotions of money with the numbers. @jacqmtimmons


AliShapiro-OnlineHeadshotAli is a client-described Swiss Army Knife of wellness, using the tools of a nutritionist, trainer and psychologist. She combined her background in functional medicine, holistic health counseling and Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania to create her Truce with Food® method.  Ali is also a 21-year cancer survivor.  Shas been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, Redbook Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine and was a regular health contributor to the NBC 10! Show. @alimshapiro

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