Tools That Make Managing Your Money Pleasurable

On-going learning, accountability, expert access, and a library of resources for people with too many tasks and too little time – but who want more for their life & from their money

financialintimacylounge4I like earning money but don’t care much for managing, investing, budgeting.” Said a respondent to my recent money survey.

Any chance you feel the same?

Having these mixed feelings when it comes to money is normal, not to mention common.

But because of how life works, money plays a key role in almost every goal or challenge you have, or problem you’re facing.

And because money needs structure + direction to work for you, the things you don’t like to do – the things that make managing your money feel like a dreaded, boring, unpleasant chore – can cause you to overlook financial leaks and dismiss opportunities.

For something that you need and use everyday and that impacts your life in every way, wouldn’t it be cool if you enjoyed ALL aspects of interacting with your money?

Wouldn’t it be way, way cool to have access to expert insight, tools, and resources that will help make managing your money pleasurable?

Stocksy_txp44f45518Fm3000_Small_17041When you’re a member of the Financial Intimacy Lounge, that is exactly what you’ll get.

Financial Intimacy Lounge members are learning to:

  • Create a brand new relationship with their money.
  • Integrate the psychology + emotions of money with the numbers — it’s not woo-woo, it’s smart.
  • Take control of their lifestyle by asking, “What do I want to earn?” rather than “How can I stretch what I earn?
  • Maximize their cashflow + increase their savings – at every income & revenue level.
  • Think more broadly about investing – it includes more than just stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate.
  • Manage the love + money terrain with tenderness and understanding…and a solid game plan that honors each other.
  • Create financial + non-financial systems that match their rhythm and style and makes managing ALL aspects of money simple and fun!

If financial coaching + training got together with financial planning and had an awesome baby – this would be it.

We are here at every step helping you navigate the questions, challenges and opportunities that arise as your needs and wants evolve in lock-step with your evolution.

Who We Are

Financial Intimacy Lounge members are diverse in profession and academic background, life-stage, and financial wealth, experience and knowledge.

Some are women; some are men.

Some are single; some are couples.

Some join because they want a framework to solve a very specific problem or challenge; others join to improve their good financial habits – for them membership strengthens their financial muscles.

But all members have this in common: A desire for regular, on-going financial guidance and support. And like you, they want to make better choices regarding how their money decisions affect their life…and how their life decisions impact the condition of their finances.

Jacquette-M-Timmons-2013I’m Jacquette M. Timmons and a Financial Intimacy Lounge membership is your access to me, other industry-leading experts, and resources I’ve designed to serve people who want more for their life and from their money.

I specialize in helping people like you understand what you do with your money and why – so that money ends up working harder for you than you are for it.

My clients work as employees and entrepreneurs often earning six-figures, but who struggle with saving smartly.

I work with people who are frustrated with their all-consuming credit card debt and JDs, MBAs, PHds with overwhelming student loan debt.

I work with couples who are trying to figure out, “How do we do make this love and money thing work – well?” And on the flip side, I work with newly-divorced people who need help assuming a level of financial responsibility they didn’t have before.

I also work with people who are clueless (said affectionately) about investing, yet are responsible for making investment decisions – especially regarding their 401k.

Here’s what’s included in your Financial Intimacy Lounge membership:

  • Monthly coaching calls with financial behaviorist Jacquette M. Timmons. Ask your questions, get answers in a safe and confidential space.
  • Access to all of Jacquette’s resources including signature programs Out of the Red, Back to Black, Master the Language of Love + Money, and What the Hell Should I Do with My 401k?
  • A community of like-minded people for peer-to-peer engagement and learning.
  • Fun + atypical exercises & challenges in the areas of saving, investing, spending, and earning, as well as some that have nothing to do with money but will help you make better financial decisions.

We have a spot for you in the Financial Intimacy Lounge and membership is just $97 a month.

Join between now and May 15, 2014 and become a Charter Member. You’ll lock-in your membership rate at $47 a month…for life!


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What programs are included in my Financial Intimacy Lounge membership?

All of them. Out of the Red, Back to Black; Master the Language of Love + Money; and What the Hell Should I Do With My 401k? Plus, bonus materials – “Beyond Two Cents.”

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Cancel at anytime. *However, if you joined at the Charter Member rate and decide to rejoin, you’d rejoin at the monthly price in effect at that time.

When are the monthly calls and what happens if I miss the calls?

Monthly calls are the 2nd Monday at 8pm EDT. Every so often a call may need to be rescheduled due to Jacquette’s travel schedule. If you’re going to miss a call, you can submit your question in advance and Jacquette will answer it on the call. You can grab your answer from the recording!

Why would I become a member of the Financial Intimacy Lounge if I’m already working with a financial professional?

Instead of looking at it as a choice to become a member of the Financial Intimacy Lounge OR work with another financial professional, look at it from the perspective of BOTH-AND. Being here makes us a member of your financial team, which helps you make better, more informed choices.

Will I be able to interact directly with other members?

It’s up to you! If enough members express an interest in interacting with each other directly, I’m happy to create a private Facebook or Google+ group to encourage peer-to-peer engagement beyond the group coaching calls.


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