Module: Oh Baby, We Have a Plan & a Map, Part B



Interview with Kim Bourne, CPA, CFA, specializes in values-based investing

Take Action Now:

  • Do you know the details of the investment assets you hold?
  • Were your holdings acquired for a specific reason, around which a game-plan was created?
  • Did you create this plan on your own, or did you work with a professional? If a professional, do you understand the approach/process they used…and why?
  • Do you understand how the professional/s with whom you work is/are compensated? Do you know, if at all, if the manner in which he/she is compensated affects the advice they provide you?
  • Have you heard of “values-based” investing as an investment approach? If so, it is something you practice?
  • When you consider the advice Kim got as a teenager & how you manage your money – are you a transaction-based investor or relationship-based investor? Are you and your mate the same or different in this regard?
  • Are you a “set it and forget it” investor, or do you make it a practice of reviewing your portfolio and rebalancing?
  • Up until today, how have you defined risk? After listening to my interview with Kim, has your definition of risk shifted? If so, how?
  • Are you and your mate really clear about what is important to each of you?
  • How can this interview help you create a plan…and a map? THEY ARE NOT ONE IN THE SAME!
  • If you work with an investment advisor, when did they last prepare an investment policy statement for you?
  • What do you do when the market value of your portfolio dips? Do you have a buy and sell discipline?
  • How do you share, if you do, investment decisions?
  • How are you accounts “titled” – individual, joint, trust?
  • How do you document your values and goals?

Kim Bourne’s website:

Interview with Nicole Perrotta, insurance strategist


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