Treat Your Money Like Soap

I am so excited that you’ve registered for the upcoming Financial Intimacy Hour.

I look forward to *seeing* you on Wednesday, 26 February at 8pm ET.

My guest experts and I look forward to sharing with you the six (6) steps you need to take to become a better investor and experience above-average returns. And we’re going to do this without inundating you with unnecessary financial terminology or complicated performance statistics.

We’re going to help you be the best investor you can be, which is as simple as treating your money like soap! 🙂

Invite others to attend!  The more the merrier…

“On 2/26, @jacqmtimmons & her guests will show us how to get better investment results by treating our money like soap:” – Click here to Tweet


Here are the dial-in particulars — you can participate by phone or via webcast:

Title: Treat Your Money Like Soap & Get Better Investment Results
Time: Wednesday, February 26th at 8:00pm Eastern
Listening method:
Phone + Web Simulcast

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 102414#

Or, check for a local dial-in number…

To attend via webcast, visit:

See you on the 26th!

jacquetteworktogtherI’m Jacquette M. Timmons – a financial behaviorist. Coaching, teaching, speaking, and writing are a few of the ways I do my work, which has been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few. I’m also the author of “Financial Intimacy.” Using strategies that appeal to both left- and right-brained thinkers, I help people achieve their financial and life goals by integrating the psychology and emotions of money with the numbers.

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