What’s Your Money Story?

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Money. It is something you use almost everyday be it in the form of cash, debit/credit cards, and/or online banking and transactions. Or, even your smartphone.

And if you are like most people, money is one of those things you not only need, but probably want more of. And on the off-chance you have all the money you want, I suspect you want it to work smarter for you. This is one the primary reasons people seek my services.

They are successful; they aren’t struggling to earn more necessarily. Their challenge is more nuanced – they struggle with how money shows up in their life…they struggle with the how and what of having their money work smarter for them. The changes they’ve tried to make on their own haven’t created the sustainable results they envisioned. Does this describe you?

Or maybe, like most people, you find that sometimes money evokes paralyzing thoughts of fear (“I don’t have or won’t have enough!”); sometimes, what comes to mind is pure delight (“Yay, I’m debt-free!” or “Hot damn! I did it (“it” being a financial milestone)!”); or sometimes, the only thing that gets stirred up is indifference. What does all this mean?

 There is an emotional spectrum to money.

But I bet you don’t think of money as something with which you have a relationship. Am I right? If so, don’t worry — you are not alone. There are a lot of people in the same boat as you. The issue, however, is that…

…when you don’t see yourself as having a relationship with money, you have a problem you don’t even know exists!

What is the problem?

When you don’t recognize you have a relationship with money, you tend to approach your financial goals, challenges and desires from the wrong direction.

You look to change how much you earn and save and how you invest and spend from the outside-in; you look to create wealth by focusing on the aspects of the process that have less to do with your success. There is a more beneficial and sustainable approach…it is inside-out!

But taking an inside-out approach requires something few people take the time to discover…their money story.

What do you know about your money story? Does it look anything like the picture to your left?

Do you have income and assets, but don’t feel wealthy?

Do you feel wealthy, even though your bank and investment accounts might indicate otherwise?

Do you feel others are responsible for your current financial condition?

Your answers to these questions definitely matter. More important,though, is the “why” behind your answers. What you think about money influences what you do with your money. What you do with your money reveals elements of your money story.

And as with all stories, your money story is comprised of many “characters” –  each of whom plays an important part. There’s you and your choices, of course. But there is also the influences of the people you spend the most time with – like your family, friends and work colleagues. And it would be a major oversight if we didn’t consider the role of popular culture and current economic and political factors.

What you don’t know or understand about your money story can cost you more than dollars and cents: It can cost you three things I bet you value tremendously: options, control & choices.

Any time money has factored into your decision to do or not do something, money has affected the choices you make, the options you see and the control you believe you have.

For example,

  • have you taken or declined a job strictly because of money;
  • if you are a small business owner, do you keep taking on ill-fitting clients to maintain cashflow;
  • are you working where you want, how you want, and when you want;
  • have you stayed in a relationship because of financial security;
  • have you ended a relationship due to money;
  • have you ever found yourself stuck and stagnant aware that something is missing but unable to fully address it because doing so requires you to take a financial risk you feel you can’t take;
  • have you ever said, “I thought what I wanted was X, but now I realize I want Y”?

These questions represent a gap – the space between where you are and where you want to be. Your money story influences how you describe the gap, how you feel about it, and how you go about closing it. Your money story affects the degree to which the gap gets in the way of your success. And, I play in this nebulous space.

I am Jacquette M. Timmons, a behavioral finance enthusiast and financial intimacy expert. I work as a financial coach, trainer, speaker and media personality. I am also the author of Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate. I’m known for leading thought-provoking conversations about money, choices, relationships and life, and providing tools to help you create the life you want.

Helping you understand your money story; helping you really understand what you have, what you tend to do with what you have and why; helping you turn the gap between where you are and wish to be into an asset; helping you have more options and greater control of those options; helping you separate fact from fiction so you can increase your wealth is what I do and why I created…

What’s Your Money Story? – a six-week virtual group coaching program designed to increase your financial self-awareness and help you make more informed, healthier choices so you can experience the ultimate goal we all want, even if we use different words to articulate it: To live with more freedom and flexibility.

I geek out on helping people achieve these results and would love the opportunity to work with you!

Program at a glance:

  • Week #1 – “Mirror, Mirror” – We kick-off the six-week program by both looking back (to acknowledge your setbacks and successes) and looking forward. In this spirit, we use four questions to frame a discussion around strategies and techniques that are focused and centered on what you can and cannot control. I’ve discovered this to be an effective tool for blocking out the “black noise,” which tends to distract people and negatively influence what they deem they can/cannot do and accomplish – financial or otherwise.
  • Week #2 – “Where Shalt Thou Go?” – Goals, goals, goals! You know setting them helps to propel you toward the future you desire. However, I bet you are missing three critical components when it comes to setting and managing your goals. As a result, you may be missing the mark more than you should; or, it might take longer than you projected to reach your goal/s. A slight shift in your goal management process can make all the difference in the world — not only achieving your goals but how quickly as well!
  • Week #3 – “Get to Know Your Money Personality & Dominant Financial Behaviors” – There’s a reason this module is in the middle; it’s the glue that holds everything together…During this week, you will discover what really shapes your financial personality, preference, and style, all of which impacts how you think about money and your behavior with it. Whatever changes you want to make in the realm of money (directly or indirectly) begins here!
  • Week #4 – “The Work & Money Connection” – There’s no denying the myriad ways in which the  intersection of work and money play out in your life. But here’s the big question: “Is it working for you? Are you doing meaningful work and earning a great living? Or, are you doing meaningful work, but barely getting by? Or, are you earning more than enough money but feel totally empty and unsatisfied inside? Whether you work as an employee or small business owner, we’ll help you navigate this sometimes thorny intersection, helping you create a career roadmap that is satisfying on multiple levels.
  • Week #5 – “How to Create Your Financial Roadmap” – Fundamentally, there are only four (4) things you can do with your money: earn, save, invest and spend it. What you do in any of these areas will have a ripple affect on the others; whatever you do in any one area will impact your ability increase your wealth. Hence, the reason it is important to ensure each quadrant is working in tandem and in support of the others…and not against. During this week, you’ll discover how best to manage the flow of money as well as the best way to have money work for you — with an emphasis on you. You’ll be given a framework you can tailor to you circumstances because sound, common-sense principles doesn’t mean one-size-fits all financial advice!
  • Week #6 – “Understanding Your Choice Matrix” – We conclude the program where it all begins…with a choice. Embedded in any choice you make are possibilities, opportunities, and responsibilities. This last module in our six-week program will help you clearly identify the elements in all three realms so you can make the choice that is truly for your greatest good…or consciously choose not to! But either way, you’ll be in the front leading rather than being in the front being “pushed” by other forces. I call this living by design rather than by default.
  • Bonus Week – A follow-up session will be offered 30-days after the conclusion of the program to address questions and provide additional implementation support.

Individually, each of the above modules will teach you more than you currently know about your money story. Combined…well, now they become a powerhouse tool-kit!

Here’s what your tool-kit will do for you:

  • Give you clarity about the way you affect money, which is just as important as how money affects you
  • Make working for your money and having your money work for you easier
  • Increase your (financial) self-awareness, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Unveil the critical things you do can incorporate into your life right now to strengthen your relationship with money
  • Help to weave your money story with your sweetie’s to form your ideal couple’s money story
  • Reveal how you can save and invest more purposefully & without changing how much you earn
  • Show you how to create a custom-tailored investment plan and measure your performance (and stop focusing on the “market’s” performance)
  • Give you a framework for analyzing your debt (if any) and a debt reduction strategy that is counter-intuitive…but works
  • Get a filter through which to take every decision you must make to ensure that regardless of the consequences, you feel good about the choice
  • Know how & why you need to separate the fact of your money story from the perception of those facts if you want to increase your wealth (materially & non-materially)

When you’ve completed the What’s Your Money Story? program, you will have the tools & techniques to not only be able to handle today’s realities, but proactively and strategically respond to life’s surprises — you know the ones that happen when life laughs at your best laid plans!

And, this is how you’ll feel…

  • You’ll finally feel in CONTROL of your money – instead of feeling like it controls you
  • You’ll no longer feel intimidated when making even the toughest of choices; you’ll feel grounded in the awareness that you are making the right decision, in the right way, at the right time
  • You”ll feel a sense of freedom
  • Your options will open up
  • Your self-confidence will increase knowing that you are finally in charge of what your financial picture looks like
  • You’ll be able to courageously face your money fears
  • You’ll feel a sense of pride knowing you are creating your story with purpose and intention

Full pay:: $1497

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Installment Plan:: 3 payments of $499

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So, are you ready to get to know your money story?!

Here’s what you’ll get as we work together:

  • Six, 60-minute interactive group coaching webinar sessions (6 hours of live training)
  • Worksheets and exercises, in PDF format when appropriate, to help you take action and achieve results
  • mp3 recordings of all 6 webinar classes for your personal library (in case you have to miss a session or if you wish to listen again for reinforcement)
  • Built-in support for you, including dedicated time for Q&A
  • Private online space available 24/7 (on Facebook), with opportunities to connect and learn from other like-minded people in the program. (I believe in encouraging circular learning!)

Here are the key dates//all sessions are from 8pm – 9pm EST:

  • Week #1 – Wednesday, June 20th
  • Week #2 – Wednesday, June 27th
  • Week #3 – Wednesday, July 11th
  • Week #4 – Wednesday, July 18th
  • Week #5 – Wednesday, July 25th
  • Week # 6 – Wednesday, August 1st
  • Bonus week – to be scheduled



This interactive, virtual group coaching program is designed for people who both want to make a change as it pertains to the role of money in their life (even if they don’t know how to do it) and are ready to make the requisite changes.

To help you get to know your money story; to help you increase your wealth, I’ve put together a financial program that consists of exercises, tools, and time-tested techniques pooled from my 26 years (yes, I look younger than I am!) of experience. Plus, the program’s design respects the fact that money is never just about money. In other words, this is not your typical “how-to” oriented workshop that simply focuses on the mechanics of money…we will spend time addressing both the psychology of money as well as the mechanics of how to earn and save more, invest strategically, and spend with greater wisdom.

This is a six-week commitment, and the investment is $1497 if paid in full, or $499 per payment if the installment plan is selected.

Full pay:: $1497

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Installment Plan:: 3 payments of $499

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What people are saying about their experience working with me:

The #OccupyU$treet course was positively an eye opening experience. Insights and principles shared by Jacquette, as well as other participants, are invaluable and I have already begun practicing them in prioritizing my personal and small business finances. I recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their views on finances and deep dive into occupying their OWN street. Polyna Berlin

Before working with Jacquette, my relationship to money was laced with fear and self-doubt. After our sessions– which ranged from pragmatic strategies for choosing investments and managing daily spending on a fixed income to releasing old habits and identifying blocks to my own abundance– I realized that everything I earn, give, and receive is an opportunity through which I can express my deepest values and my spirit’s purpose. Thank you, Jacquette, for understanding the complexity of human relationships to money. Rise Wilson

I was $10,000 in debt with no savings when I first took Jacquette’s seminar. She gave me the tools I needed, mainly solid daily goal-setting and planning, to get my finances straight. With her enlightening advice, I crawled out of debt on a timely schedule. It took two years but I stayed right on target. I also put $700 in a savings account within six months, and that helped me sleep better at night. I am self-employed, so I already had a SEP account, but Jacquette helped me prioritize funding it. I’m married now, so my financial situation has changed. I credit Jacquette with getting me on track and helping me be financially successful and more secure when I was single and supporting myself in New York City. Kristen Kemp

Wondering if this program is a fit for you? It is if you:

  • Are ready to create a healthier relationship with money
  • Want more alignment between your efforts to earn and save more, invest strategically and spend wisely and the results you experience
  • Focus on self-improvement and can appreciate how money is probably one of the best personal development tools to which you have access
  • Dig working with someone who is pretty darn good at blending right- and left-brained thinking, which helps to make learning and talking about money fun and inspiring
  • Want to be part of a community of like-minded and like-inspired people
  • Would like to look at your financial behavior, choices, and thinking with a new set of eyes
  • Are ready to discover your money story…but without the guilt and shame

Some questions I suspect you might have…and answers:

What if I can’t make all the sessions? – Not to worry. All calls will be recorded. So if something unexpected comes up, you won’t miss any valuable content!

It’s summer — why would you launch a program now? Yes, it is summer. And while you may need some time for rest & relaxation, your money never takes a break

Will I get 1×1 attention? Yes, just not to the same degree as if this were a 1×1 coaching engagement. But I guarantee that between the dedicated Q&A portion of each week and our private group space your questions, concerns, and ideas will be addressed. You have my promise that I will do my very best to help you experience the “aha” moments that lead to success.

“What’s Your Money Story?” sounds so nebulous and new-agey and I am a “give me the cold-hard facts” gal/guy. I get it; I need for things to speak to the practical side of me as well. But as I said above: money is never just about money. Therefore, we combine the “soft” and “hard” skills of money so you can turn the nebulous aspects of money into cold-hard habits that will help you achieve your financial and non-financial goals.

Still have questions? No problem, give me a call and let’s talk about it. But if you…

…are you ready to get started on June 20th; are you ready to increase your wealth from the inside-out? Then register for What’s Your Money Story? And if you are one of the first 5 people to join the group coaching program, you will get a bonus 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with me. (A $385 value)

Full pay:: $1497

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Installment Plan:: 3 payments of $499

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Our Refund Policy: I am committed to your satisfaction with this program — and I want to make sure it’s a fit for you. If for any reason, after week #1 but before week #2, you’re not entirely satisfied with your experience and you’ve completed the course materials to that point, you are welcome to a 100% money back guarantee. Your refund will be issued within 5-7 business days to your credit card.

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