The Occupy Wall Street Movement began on September 17, 2011. Since then, it has spawned several “occupy” movements here in the U.S. and abroad, borrowing some of its momentum from revolutions in other parts of the world.  Whether you agree with the OWS message or support its tactics, it is providing a platform for those who feel their voices have been quelched for far too long. And, I bet the occupy movement has caught your attention!

As a result of the movement, have you found yourself, your family, friends and colleagues engaging in conversations about such matters as money, corporations, the government, and capitalism in ways you haven’t had before, or perhaps not as deeply until now?

As a result of the movement, are you thinking more about our inter-connectedness when it comes to everything…especially in the realm of money?

As a result of the movement, are you thinking more and more about what’s next and trying to determine exactly how much control you have over ‘what’s next’?

As you talk and think about the OWS movement, have you considered what it looks like to occupy your own (financial) street?

In other words, how can the movement’s galvanized emotions and calls to actions be applied to the management of your personal financial affairs?

Showing you how is exactly what I am going to do with #OccupyU$treet. This four-week workshop experience is designed to take advantage of the energy of the movement and direct it to your street – figuratively and literally!

Looking outside at what others (be they people, corporations or the government) do or don’t do when it comes to financial choices, behavior, strategy, accountability and aspirations can certainly help you gain a better understanding of what may or may not work for you.

But nothing beats the insight gained from looking at your own financial behavior, choices and thinking — with a new set of eyes.

With #OccupyU$treet, a four-part streaming video workshop series, I do just that! For those who don’t know me, I’m Jacquette M. Timmons. I’m known for leading thought-provoking conversations about money, choices, relationships and life and providing tailored strategies and tactics you can put into practice immediately. Each session is a live, 75-minute, in-real-time workshop facilitated by me and presented via Livestream. So, you can participate from you computer or video-enabled smartphone from anywhere in the world — cool, eh? By the end of this interactive and highly engaged experience you will have a framework for creating a fresh (financial) start to the new year. Perfect timing if getting (or keeping) your financial street in order is a resolution or top goal for 2012!

Here’s what we will address each week

  • Week #1Tuesday, 10 January – “Mirror, Mirror” – We kick-off the four-week series by both looking back (to acknowledge your setbacks and successes) and looking forward. In this spirit, we talk about strategies and techniques that are focused and centered on what you can and cannot control. I’ve discovered this to be an effective tool for blocking out the “black noise,” which tends to distract us and negatively influence what we deem we can/cannot do and accomplish.
  • Week #2Wednesday, 18 January – “Where Shalt Thou Go?” – Goals, goals, goals! We all know setting them helps to propel us toward the future we desire. However, most of us miss a critical component when it comes to setting and managing our goals; we fail to understand the cost of the goals we set. Getting this right can make all the difference in the world to not only achieving your goals but how quickly as well! Plus, it is important to identify what may tempt you and prevent you from achieving your goal so you can recognize what you need to resist…in advance.
  • Week #3 – Tuesday, 24 January – “The Mechanics” – There’s no escaping a fundamental financial truth and that is, regardless of the differences in each of our backgrounds, we all are able to do the same four things with our money: earn, save, invest and spend it. If you want to improve any specific quadrant or the entire circle – which I refer to as the “Financial Wheel” – #OccupyU$treet will help you begin the year with the momentum you need to get it right.
  • Week # 4 – Tuesday, 31 January – “Your Choice Matrix” – We conclude the series where it all begins…with a choice. Embedded in any choice you make are possibilities, opportunities, and responsibilities. This session will help you clearly identify the elements in all three realms so you can make the choice that is truly for your greatest good…or consciously choose not to! But either way, you’ll be in the front leading rather than being in the front being “pushed” by other forces.

Ready to occupy your own (financial) street?

  • You are if you are ready for a fresh (financial) start to 2012.
  • You are if you are interested in sustaining a recent financial rebound.
  • You are if you are focused on self-improvement.
  • You are if you want to be part of a community of like-minded, like-inspired people.

When you register for #OccupyU$treet, you’ll get:

  • Four 75-minute classes taught via Livestream (all sessions begin at 8:00pm EST).
  • Audio and video recordings of all the classes (in case you miss a session, or simply want a refresher).
  • Learning aids to include a digital workbook and worksheets.
  • Support from like-minded people with similar goals & aspirations (ideal for circular learning).
  • Live Q/A and laser coaching throughout the course.

We are about to wrap up 2011 in a few short weeks. Time to get ready for the New Year…time to plant the seeds for an awesome 2012! During this gift-giving season, registering for #OccupyU$treet is a great gift to give to yourself!

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