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The women and men with whom I work – as individuals or couples – seek my guidance, direction, and advice to solve a variety of money problems. But they have four things in common; they are:

  1. Creative-spirited and business-minded;

  2. Frustrated by and with the cookie-cutter solutions & techniques that permeate the personal finance industry;

  3. At a tipping point in the problem they’re facing…or are about to reach it; and

  4. Fundamentally asking the same question: “Am I doing it right?

Turns out, this is the most perfect question to ponder when it comes to money – but probably not for the reason you think…

What you may not realize is that the problem you think you have most likely isn’t really the problem you have.

When you and I work together, my job is to listen to the symptoms you describe, understand what you’re looking to accomplish, and look for the clues & cues you can’t easily see.

This allows me to identify the real problem you’re working to solve, and for us to co-develop a strategy that fixes the problem…at its core.

My framework of questions, exercises and analysis is designed to provide insight, assurance, know-how along with know-when.

So if:

  • You want a structure for making decisions;

  • You want to learn how to develop systems tailored to support you

  • You want to know what habits & areas of discipline to embrace and which to let go

  • You want to know where your knowledge gaps are – for real – and how to fill them

  • You want to be more self-aware

  • You want a clear plan of action

  • You want to get smarter with your money, and

  • You want to work with me privately…

We can go Beyond the Numbers or have a Financial Jam Session.

Click the image below to learn about my coaching process and to sign up for the package that is right for you!

Beyond the NumbersFinancial Jam Session


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