What Would it Feel Like to Handle Your Debt With Ease…Again?

If it’s true that not all debt is bad, then why do you feel bad about yours?

I suspect it’s connected to two trends I’ve noticed when it comes to debt, especially since the Great Recession and its aftermath:

  1. Some of my professional peers talk about and treat you as if you have a red-scarlet letter on your forehead – as if because you have debt, you’re a bad person or dead-beat.

  2. You’ve been told that the best way to manage your debt and get out of it is to focus on the numbers – this is what many of the how-to strategies and solutions suggest.

Here’s what tends to happen when you feel bad about your debt and only look at the numbers…


  • you find yourself paying your bills late, or skipping payments altogether?
  • your outstanding balance is more than 75% of your credit limit and “zero” seems so far away?
  • you are unable to pay more than the minimum?

This is why, in part, today, more than ever, you struggle to manage debt that was once manageable.

Your debt didn’t always feel so overwhelming. Now it does, and it sucks!

It feels like you’re carrying a 90lb. ball-n-chain around your neck?

Your debt management plan is about to get a lot lighter…

I created Out of the Red, Back to Black because I was sick-n-tired of seeing how these two trends were impacting the people who came to me for help.

I wanted to remind my clients of their awesomeness – even if their debt was due to irresponsible choices.

I wanted to show them a better way of addressing the numbers because the “usual” way is incomplete, in my opinion, and delays how quickly you are able to get back to black. A more effective and impact-ful approach factors in the psychology + emotions of money (aka mindset).

Like them, I bet…

…you crave the day when you can claim, “I am debt-free!” – again.

But in the meantime, you’d settle for being able to handle your debt month-to-month with ease.

The kind of ease that comes from really knowing if you have an earnings problem, a spending one, or both.

The kind of ease that enables you to pinpoint what’s really not working with your current debt management strategy and create a better one – one that addresses the root cause of your debt stress and gives you the liberation you seek.

Regardless of the type of debt you have. Regardless of whether your debt is 4-, 5- or 6-figures. Regardless of whether it’ll take two years or twenty years to payoff.

Instead of debt controlling how you experience life, I’d rather you control how you experience debt.

outofredThat is the goal of Out of the Red, Back to Black – an online course that will get you back to handling your debt with ease.

Are you currently doing the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” shuffle? You won’t any more.

Do you find yourself delaying making major life decisions because of your debt? You won’t anymore.

Are you unrealistic with your expectations about how long it’ll take to pay off your debt? You won’t be anymore.


With this course, you’ll discover why debt management is not just a numbers game and why it’s also important to understand your money mindset.

The money + mindset combo is what will help you manage your debt with ease so that it isn’t all-consuming – sucking the life out of your life! This is a message I not only promote here in the course; I’ve even shared it on media platforms such as CNN, Black Enterprise Business Report, and FOX’s “Good Day New York.”

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Add To Cart - Button OrangeThrough Out of the Red, Back to Black, I will help you:

  • “Find” money you didn’t know you had, and simultaneously help you optimize your cash-flow;

  • Maximize your effort, energy and resources by shifting your attention away from the goal of debt-free (counter-intuitive, I know) to figuring what’s the best way to manage your debt;

  • Figure out how to manage your money so that you can both pay down your debt AND save;

  • Identify the tools and a system that work for you because you’ve tailored these resources to fit your style + rhythm – no more forcing you into a one-size-fits-all money management box.

“I was $10,000 in debt with no savings when I first took Jacquette’s seminar. She gave me the tools I needed, mainly solid daily goal-setting and planning to get my finances straight. With her enlightening advice, I crawled out of debt on a timely schedule. It took two years but I stayed on target. I also put $700 in a savings account within six months and that helped me sleep better at night. I am self-employed, so I already had a SEP account, but Jacquette helped me prioritize funding it. I credit Jacquette with getting me on track and helping me be financially successful and more secure.” Kristen Kemp

Jacquette-M-Timmons-2013I’m Jacquette M. Timmons, and I’m a financial behaviorist on a mission to take the ‘it sucks factor’ out of your debt experience.

I have an MBA in finance; perfect for helping you crunch the numbers. And since coaching is one of the ways I work with clients, as your virtual coach I can ensure you don’t overlook the value of understanding what role your mindset plays in this whole debt thing.


Ultimately, my goal is to help you stand in front of your debt leading the way out of it, rather than you being pushed by the pressure of it.

I also happen to be a speaker, trainer, and media personality, and the author of “Financial Intimacy.” So yes, money and your relationship to it is my bailiwick.

And you should know that this course is wee-bit personal for me…see I found myself in a pickle when a new business venture didn’t go exactly as I planned and I ended up with debt I hadn’t anticipated. Now, more than ever, I can really empathize when people come to me and say, in essence, “man, this debt sucks!”

Out of the Red, Back to Black is delivered in 4-parts, via 4-modules, and it is for you if:

  • you have 4-, 5- or 6-figure debt (credit card, student loan, personal or business loans)
  • you have previously paid off your debt, but you’re back in it again – but deeper this time around
  • you feel pressured, overwhelmed and maybe a wee-bit ashamed about your debt
  • you sense there’s something you could be doing differently, but you don’t quite know what that missing element is

Each module consists of video + audio content, along with PDF worksheets and checklists to reinforce the training.

  • Each week you’ll get audio and/or video content, focused on a different theme/lesson. Each one represents a different component of a 4-step debt management process.

  • Each lesson comes with PDF worksheets and/or checklists to ensure your learning isn’t passive – these “tools” will help you take consistent action (or rebound if you get off track).

The training progresses with the goal of you getting something valuable from each module individually, but also with the intent of each module building upon the others in a complementary way.

Here’s what your four weeks of moving from frustration to ease looks like, week by week…so you know exactly what to expect:

Week 1/Module 1:
Map it Out – Know, Respect & Get Behind the Numbers

Purpose: To figure out the root cause of what is preventing you from paying your debt with ease (do you have an earnings or spending problem, or both).

TakeAways: Gain clarity about what is really going on with the numbers, which will enable you to focus your efforts & attention for maximum impact.

Week 2/Module 2:
Clear the Clutter & I’m Not Just Talking About Paper

Purpose: To identify “leaks” and “opportunities” via an analysis of clutter & disorganization – of all types: paperwork, thoughts, beliefs, behavior, choices.

TakeAways: Your efforts to get the numbers right are hindered by disorganization. Plus, this is the foundation for creating your system (module #3).

Includes special guest interview with Jordana Jaffe, of live ORGANIZED.

Week 3/Module 3:
Make Mine a Blueprint (aka) Create a “Sexy” System

Purpose: To create a money management, bill paying, debt management & review process – one that is easily malleable and that reflects your rhythm & style.

TakeAways: The importance of having a fluid, modular based system for collecting & processing information; paying bills & saving; and tracking your progress.

Week 4/Module 4:
In the Meantime: Smart People Enjoy the Middle

Purpose: To create a holistic review process and to identify celebratory milestones.

TakeAways: The reminder that you can’t ‘set it and forget it.’ Nor is it healthy to defer being happy until you’re debt-free. You must honor the process…and the “small” wins along the way.

But that’s not all…you get some cool end of program bonuses as well. They are:

  • Bonus #1 – Interview with Jenny Blake of Make Shit Happen – www.make-shit-happen.com – Jenny is a former Google executive, now business activator & yoga instructor who will share how just a mere four questions can transform your life.
  • Bonus #2 – Interview with Karla Jackson-Brewer, MSW and Tibetan Buddhist. Karla will share why & how the Buddhist practice of “feeding your demons” (a Buddhist phrase for fears and negative emotions) can increase your financial success.

When you’ve completed Out of the Red, Back to Black, you’ll have clarity and a concrete, strategic action plan for managing both your numbers and your mindset so that YOU control how you experience debt – rather than debt controlling how you experience life!

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If I were to guess the questions you might have about this experience, they would be as follows:

Question: I’ve tried other debt programs; what is so different about this one?

Answer: Ah, but did those other programs address both elements of debt (money AND mindset)? Did those other programs give equal attention to the reality of your numbers as well as to your dignity? Did those other programs help you create a customized system for helping you plan down AND pay down your debt so you can enjoy your life NOW, not at some point in the future when your debt is paid off?

Even if they did, those other programs (some of which are probably really effective) weren’t designed by me! I am on a mission to change the face and experience of debt and I have designed every element of this program a) to reflect my desire to have a more expansive conversation around debt, and b) with the goal of helping you control how you experience debt – rather than debt controlling how you experience life. Brought to each module are left- and right-brained strategies I know work based upon my 26 years of working closely with clients – just like you – either 1:1 in my private financial coaching practice or in group settings (similar to this program) or via “live” workshops. Plus, a few sprinklings from my own personal experience with debt. -;o)

Question: Can I really make a change in thirty-days?

Answer: Depending upon the size of your debt, it isn’t likely that your debt balance will be $0 by the time you complete this course. However, within 30-days, if you do your homework (rather than just listening/watching it), you WILL have a system (framework) that will speed up your process of getting out of the red and back to black. Plus, with a defined system you increase your degree of confidence and end up feeling better overall about where you are until you get to “yes, I am DEBT FREE!”

Question: I’m living paycheck to paycheck and there just isn’t anything left over.

Answer: Ok. This isn’t really a question, but if you haven’t joined the program by now, I bet money is one of the reasons. If money is what is holding you back, I invite you to take advantage of the payment plan option. Or, look around your house and identify something you haven’t used or worn in over a year and sell it on eBay. Or…(fill in the blank)

The point is this: Even with debt, you always have more than you can see – you just need to give yourself permission to look beyond the immediate overwhelm and stress that can often blur your visibility.


lady-with-piggy-bank-vintageReady to get started?

Ready to stop feeling bad about your debt?

Ready to discover new ideas (and approaches); implement new strategies; test new tactics; and reflect on the changes you’re making at a pace that isn’t too fast…or too slow? It’s really easy…

When you manage your debt paying attention to your numbers + mindset, you control how you experience debt rather than debt controlling how you experience life.

Let’s face it, you didn’t get “here” with your debt overnight. This dis-ease crept in over time. Next month can look just like this month, which looked just liked the month before and the one before that…or, you can…

Join the Financial Intimacy Lounge and get access to this signature program – OUT OF THE RED, BACK TO BLACK – and start down the path and the process of reclaiming your life now…instead of later! 🙂 

Well, it looks like the next step is to get started, eh…so let’s do just that! It’s time for you to feel good again!!

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p.s. together, let’s take the ‘it sucks’ factor out of your debt experience and get you back to black so you can have more time, money & emotional freedom. Let’s get you back to once again feeling like you’re in control and handling your debt with ease.

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