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Corporations and non-profit organizations employ some people who have financial problems – problems that can sometimes cause financial stress. According to a study released by Alliant, “at least 15% of U.S. workers currently experience so much stress from financial worry and ill-advised financial behavior that it negatively impacts their productivity.” Financially stressed people are:

  • distracted and less focused
  • less productive
  • less happy (which affects their ability to be a fully-participating team member)
  • less able to give & be their best

The negative ripple effect when your employees are mentally and emotionally consumed by their financial woes is insidious and it can potentially affect your bottom line. What to do? Provide your employees (or the constituents you serve) with independent, objective, unbiased financial education designed to meet your staff (and constituents) where they are are, while simultaneously stretching their knowledge and know-how. To book Jacquette M. Timmons to present, “Financial Intimacy: What You Need to Be Confident & More Powerful With Your Money,” or to have her create a custom-designed on-site financial coaching program, please complete this form.

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