Financial Success Doesn’t Start in Your Wallet…

Welcome to a new way of looking at your money…and how you interact with it!

Please check your email for the mp3 link for your exercise, the Financial Wheel:

The exercise should take you about 20-minutes to complete. But the effects are designed to last you a life-time!

So, I am very, very glad you are here. Return to this go-to exercise every time you have a decision to make or bump up against a pesky challenge to work through. It’s how you’ll heighten your awareness about what you have; what you currently do with what you have; and why.

This is what’s needed to…

  • Go from a lifestyle based on your earnings to earning what you need to live your desired lifestyle.
  • Avoid wasting your time, energy, and resources because you made the classic money mistake of emphasizing the numbers and discounting the psychology + emotions of money.
  • Develop a simple, practical, and profound framework for continuously getting smarter with your money.
  • You tailor how money affects your life and how your life affects the condition of your finances and avoid following cookie-cutter advice, solutions or techniques that may satisfy you in the short-term but won’t serve you in the long-run.
  • Live life your way, on your own terms…by design!

The Financial Wheel will prompt you to ask insightful questions about money so that you begin to shift our focus from just “how do I manage my money” to “what do I want money to do for me?” Otherwise known as your “why-factor.”

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THANK YOU again for letting me be part of your journey of discovering just why your financial success doesn’t start in your wallet…and where it actually does begin!  Let’s start now!! (Check your email for the mp3 link.)



About Jacquette M. Timmons
Jacquette M. Timmons is a financial behaviorist. She helps people identify the underlying behaviors and beliefs that keep them from reaching their financial goals. Jacquette coaches, teaches, speaks, and writes on creative solutions to common financial problems for everyone from the middle class to the 1%. She’s the founder of Sterling Investment Management, Inc. and the author of Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate. Her work has been featured on CNN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.

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