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“What have you done previously to change your current situation?

If you are like most of the people with whom I work, you’re reading this page because you’re curious and/or have a question. You’re here because your efforts, thus far, are not producing the results you want…or as quickly as you’d like.

Maybe you’re here because you know what to do, but not how to do it. Or, perhaps you know both the what and the how, but find yourself struggling to create a framework or process that feels natural, like it was designed just for you. Let alone one that enables you to consistently take action and stay focused.

And, you want to know whether or not I can help you.

One of the reasons I ask everyone some variation of the question – “What have you done previously to change your current situation?” – is to amplify something you’ve likely discovered by now:

To make smart (money) moves, you don’t just need information. You need (and want) insight!

And, that’s what I’ll give you — results-oriented insight to help you make smarter moves with your money!

Insight that will…

  • Give you clarity about the choices to make, as well as the ones to avoid.
  • Serve as the bedrock for your financial behaviors and habits.
  • Shape your financial strategy.
  • Help you stay focused and in the flow.
  • Produce short- and long-term results whether your goal is to save more; remove debt; invest smarter; earn more income; or, you’re looking to comprehensively address all areas of your financial life.
  • Help you create a new financial reality.

If any of this sounds like what you’re seeking right now, here’s how we can work together 1:1…

Financial Jam Session

Jam sessions represent the epitome of where improvisation meets expertise, listening, and communication. As your (financial) band leader, I lead you through a fluid, but structured, process designed to help you meet your goals and create a strategy you can’t wait to implement. Find out more.

Beyond the Numbers

You know that special “just for me” feeling you get when something is made especially for you – like clothes, jewelry, art, or even birthday cake(!)? Imagine having the same sentiment about a financial strategy – one that recognizes that a generic off-the-shelf plan won’t get you close to your dreams. It’s possible with a bespoke financial coaching process that is fluid, but structured, and designed to help you meet your goals. Find out more.

Jacquette Timmons rocks! Her thoughtful kind and sage advice regarding how to manage my time and my value with myself and with those I work with and for was invaluable to me this past year. I’ve seen tangible results that directly reflect her counsel.
Catherine Orenstein–Cultural Critic, Writer

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