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We are looking forward to welcoming and giving you access to the multi-media experience – “Pearls of Financial Wisdom for College Graduates: Advice, Inspiration & Tools.

The resources you’re about to discover and use are designed to help you navigate and negotiate one of the longest relationship you will ever have: your relationship with money.  Your access is evergreen, so you can come back to the materials and go through the questions – again; do the exercises – again, and each time potentially experience a different revelation that may lead to a different result. (And when appropriate, the materials will be updated to reflect any necessary updates.)

Your life isn’t static. Therefore, what you do and when needs to evolve as well. Thus, the invitation to return to these materials as a way of measuring and tracking your progress. Plus, it’s a proactive way of responding to life’s changes.

I am excited to be on this journey with you!

(a) All says are FINAL; there aren’t any refunds. 

(b) Once your payment is processed, you will receive your initial confirmation email. Then you will receive an email with your login credentials into the member area. Be sure to check your inbox (or spam folder) to confirm receipt of these and subsequent emails.

Many thanks.

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