When was the last time you had a conversation that left you feeling intoxicated with excitement? 

I was a lucky gal last week because I had three on the same day! 

Individually and collectively, those conversations left an indelible mark on my spirit. So much so that I’m writing about their effect today. 

In their own way, each was mind-blowing. But the one thing they each had in common was how they left me wondering: 

“Where do I need to play bigger and what does that look like?”

I believe this is a question we can all benefit from contemplating, which is why I’m sharing it. 

Before you go off to ponder the question, though, I want to talk about the power of conversations

Because the three that inspired this piece were the reminder I needed of how conversations can influence our perspectives and expand what we believe is possible. (Thank you Sarit, Patrice, and Sarah.)

We Do It Everyday

You and I have conversations everyday, in a variety of ways (in person, by phone, text, DMs, and video). It’s a fundamental part of how humans interact. It’s how you connect with family, friends, colleagues, and with prospects, clients and customers. It’s how you share experiences and perspectives, and exchange ideas and resources.

Some conversations are practical, and they are entered into that way. 

Others, even if they start off as practical, have a depth to them that can leave you in a state of awe at the very least. 

And at the most, they can ignite something within you because of the wisdom that was casually dropped. 

I say “casually” because they weren’t trying to be provocative. And perhaps this is what makes the ideas and possibilities discussed feel so unexpected.

This is what I found interesting about my three conversations: One was a call about a potential speaking engagement; another was a catchup call with a business colleague; and another was a “green room” conversation after recording a podcast. None of my conversation partners showed up as the provocateur. 

They showed up filled with curiosity. They were fully engaged listeners. They were vulnerable. 

As was I. 

But it turns out I needed those conversations. And I really needed the serendipity of them occurring on the same day to help lift me out of my funk. 

So, here’s the reminder you may not need today but might in the future: Be fully present, as often as you can, for your conversations. All of them!

As the one talking, you never know how the word, statement, or question you ask may be just what the other person needs. It may help them in ways you’ll never know.

Likewise, as the listener, pay attention. Because you just might hear something that invigorates you in unexpected ways. That innocuous word, statement, or question may unlock a world of possibilities that hasn’t reached your vision board. 

Possibilities that are waiting on you to step up and play a different game..maybe even a bigger game! 

Play Bigger?

You and I likely hear the phrase “play bigger” bantered about frequently. But what does it actually mean?

The truth is that the answer isn’t universal. Because it means different things to different people. 

Also, I believe it evolves.  

However, setting aside variations in terms of what it means to play bigger, here’s what I believe needs to be present in order to do so: 

An openness to go where you’ve not gone before! (Cue “Star Trek’s – “Going where no [person] has gone before…”)

This openness requires a willingness to think differently than you have in the past

The benefits of having a slight (or significant) shift in your thinking are aplenty. For example, doing so can help you (in no particular order):

  • Set more audacious goals;
  • Tap into new ideas and discover creative or unconventional solutions to something you’ve been wrangling with for some time;
  • Notice patterns you didn’t recognize before, so you can interrupt the ones that are no longer serving you;
  • Make more informed and well-rounded decisions, because you invested the time to broaden the range of possibilities and options you are considering;
  • Face the fears (real and conceptual) that come from thinking differently and possibly operating in different spaces; and
  • Strengthen your self-belief.

As for me…

Well, I haven’t yet worked out all the details of where I need to play bigger and what that looks like. But I’ve gotten started on a few ideas. Especially as regards to showing up in different spaces. 

Still, here’s one thing of which I am clearly certain: 

The “where” and the “what” of playing bigger begins with a conversation. 

And personally, I don’t believe you can orchestrate the soul-stirring conversations that inspire you. Otherwise known as: the kind that drives you forward because of the wisdom dropped, the creativity they spark, and the motivation they provide.

But, you can be open to them.

So, here’s to hoping you have a conversation this week that has you ready to jump out of your skin because you are intoxicated with excitement. 

May you, too, have those mind-blowing moments that help to: 


Where do YOU need to play bigger and what does that look like? If you’d like to share your answers, please send me a DM on Instagram.

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