Client Praise & Success Stories

Over the course of two years, my net worth went from about -$12,000 to over $105,000! The change feels great. I feel more grounded and secure about my finances, and confident in asking for much healthier rates for the work I do. Running the numbers completely and holistically made the progress I’ve made undeniable. Thank you for all the support and wisdom you’ve imparted to me along the way; it’s been invaluable.

Prefers to be anonymous

Working with Jacquette is a breath of fresh air and a boost of confidence around a challenging topic. My money relationship won’t change overnight and I really appreciated the concrete action plan I was able to set up for myself after our [engagement]. Having clear questions I can ask as well as several key phrases to remind myself with scarcity gets overwhelming has alleviated my anxiety already. If you’re not sure how to move forward with your sticky money relationship, work with Jacquette, you won’t regret it.

Heidi E. Johnson

I was $10,000 in debt with no savings. Jacquette gave me the tools I needed, mainly solid daily goal-setting and planning to get my finances straight. With her enlightening advice, I crawled out of debt on a timely schedule. It took two years but I stayed on target. I also put $700 in a savings account within six months and that helped me sleep better at night. I am self-employed, so I already had a SEP account, but Jacquette helped me prioritize funding it. I credit Jacquette with getting me on track and helping me be financially successful and more secure.

Kristen Kemp

Prior to working with Jacquette, my wife and I rarely discussed money peacefully, let alone productively. Our families treat money in very different ways and we had not re-imagined our own way of dealing with money that suited our own life together. Through our series of conversations with Jacquette, we unpacked our different beliefs and habits that were getting in the way of our vision to better manage our money through loving and fruitful practices. While Jacquette was patient with our initial conflicts, she was quick to provide us with clear feedback and practical solutions to our situation.

Ethan and Stephanie

What you bring as a speaker is a magnetism that wins people over, making them want to keep listening to you; a fresh perspective that isn’t the same-old theories; a twist on the theme of financial management; a skillful means of making the science art.

T.B., HR Executive

The Comfort Circle™ is…well, very comforting! and sparking something lasting and important.


I worked with Jacquette on mapping out my personal financial goals and putting together a master plan to achieve results. Our time together was highly valuable for me and having worked on Wall Street, I was probably a fairly demanding client. Jacquette was able to help me look past the basic dollars and cents, to see the thought patterns that were driving my spending choices. The tailored financial action plan she delivered was realistic and easy to follow, moving me towards my goals. I plan to work with Jacquette again in the future and would highly recommend her services. She has a unique combination of financial expertise and high emotional intelligence that creates results.

Aduke Thewell

The course worked! I am pleased to report I have reallocated all my investments in my former 401k and current 403b to be more aggressive, international, providing a real good mix of equity funds.


I walked away so much clearer on the financial conversations I want to be having with my honey, and exactly how to facilitate them so that we both get what we want + need.” (The Financial Intimacy Conference)

Alexia Vernon

I left the conversation more aware of my emotional connection with money and how I spend my money. (The ways and the benefits).

Jessica W.

After completing the Financial Wheel, I realized how off my numbers were at the different stages, and how I really didn’t know how much I wanted to spend and earn. I just made up numbers. It helped me to see how much I have to get clear.

Steph C.

You don’t just give the information, which honestly is out there in a myriad of places. What is unique is that you take the audience by the hand and walk them through a journey that helps them establish a clear, working, personalized system and then support them through its implementation. It’s not what we know, it’s what we actually do that matters, and you present a clear path and easy tools for doing it.

Milca Esdaille

I may have started small, but over the course of several years, I have been able to save six-figures…cash (!) – all because of what I learned during one of Jacquette’s workshop. As a result, I recently left an unsatisfying position to explore other career options in comfort. This is what having financial freedom looks and feels like for me!

L. Faison

I’m so appreciative of your advice on the Debt Matrix.  It was a total paradigm shift – that I desperately needed to hear.  My student loan debt is hefty but not insurmountable.  Thank you!

L. Hill

Jacquette’s energy and enthusiasm are so infectious. She not only listened to my struggles and fogginess when it comes to aligning personal and professional finances, she also presented an unexpected solution to the process that I was planning. By working on our personal and family financial goals first, I was then able to design and simplify my business services to support them. I cannot imagine doing it the other way around now!


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