Start with what you want to change

You might be here out of curiosity. But, I suspect it’s actually because there’s something you want to change about your current financial situation.

Maybe you want to end the nagging worry and question of, “Am I making the right decisions with my money?”

Maybe despite being a college-educated high-earner, you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, with little to no liquid savings, and you want to upend this pattern.

Maybe you’re deep in debt and can’t see your way out. Or, maybe just as soon as you get out of debt, you’re back in it…again.

Maybe you and your spouse (or significant other) are having a tough time understanding each other’s attitudes, emotions, and approach to money. And, you’re tired of the discord it is causing.

These are but a few examples of why people come to me – which are as varied as the people with whom I’ve worked since 2001. So, since you’re here, what do you want to change?

What frustration, challenge, or question are you ready to address?

What aspect of your financial life could you use help improving…right now?

I help a broad spectrum of curious-minded people who get that answering and addressing money questions, challenges and frustrations is never just about the dollars and cents. And I’d LOVE to work with you if you want personalized, results-oriented insight that will help you make smarter choices with your money!

Here’s how…

Financial Analysis Session

This 45-minute virtual session is designed to set you up for an immediate financial win. You can expect to:

  • Get clarity about your full financial picture or about a specific money matter – you choose.
  • Pinpoint what you need to do and/or change in order to meet your goals, with ease.
  • Discover the limitations of your current financial plan, strategy and systems.
  • Get personalized, results-oriented insight to help you implement the strategy & action plan that evolved from our session.

Price: $195
To get started, click here.

Financial Jam Session

Do you have a financial strategy that is designed to help you succeed in the “new economy?” Ensuring your answer to this question is a resounding “hell yeah!” is the goal of this targeted, 90-minute virtual session.

During our time together, we’ll focus on one or two areas of your financial picture, whether that’s to…

  • Save more
  • Remove debt
  • Invest smarter, or
  • Earn more income

With the Financial Jam Session, you’ll get a concrete, personalized and actionable game-plan. One that is based on your unique needs, wants, strengths and style. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Price: $750
To learn more and start jamming, go here.

Beyond the Numbers

Something’s missing. Maybe you know precisely what’s missing, but can’t figure out how to connect the dots. Or, perhaps you have no clue of what’s missing or how to fix it…you just have this feeling that there has to be a better way.

When you and I go Beyond the Numbers, we do a deep dive and take a comprehensive, 360 degree look at your finances and your life. We find what’s missing and connect the dots by both crunching the numbers and tapping into your relationship with money – exploring your values, beliefs, behavior and habits in a grounded way (read: not, woo-woo) – through the prism of your choices (current, past, future) in key financial areas, and in the context of internal and external factors.

And, we take our time – four (4) months and six (6), 60-minute virtual sessions to be exact. When we’re done, you’ll have a customized strategy and action plan you can’t wait to implement.

Price: $2,500 (singles)/$3,500 (couples) – a payment plan is available
To learn more and to talk about how I can help you, apply here.

Successful, Profitable…and Not Broke!

If you own a business that is profitable and cash-flow positive, you’re doing well, right? Yes, this is a trick question…

As a business owner, I know all too well the trap of giving your business EVERYTHING, including your future. You are so focused on taking your business to the next level – whatever that may be for you – that you overlook one important detail: taking care of your personal finances, too.

I also know that because you’re in the trenches, getting the connection between your business and personal finances right may be a need you don’t even know you have. But it is!

Successful, Profitable…and Not Broke! is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who have been in business at least one year. It combines financial and business coaching, with the goal of creating an integrated game-plan that ensures your business model and sales process are designed to support your personal finance goals.

If you can’t remember the last time you added money to your personal savings and investment accounts; if you “pay” yourself with what’s left over after you pay your business and personal expenses, you might, unwittingly, be successful, profitable and broke.

And, we should talk. I’d love to help.

Price: starting at $2,500
To learn more and to talk about how I can help you, apply here.

(NB. The emotions behind money matter…a lot! And sometimes our work together kicks up stuff (so eloquent, right?). If/when things become “messy” or a bit uncomfortable, it’s okay. Exhale…and think of it as an invitation for us to do some deep, awesome work. Don’t worry. I have your back.

You + Me

And four ways to work 1:1, make the changes you want…and rock your finances!