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Talking about money can be anxiety-ridden, boring and the very last thing folks want to do. Unless Jacquette M. Timmons is on the stage. Her body of work, more than three decades working in financial services, and effervescent personality create a warm, engaging and accessible experience that helps to reduce an audience’s anxiety about money.

She is well known for her ability to integrate the psychology + emotions of money with the numbers in an engaging, aha-inducing and fun way. She does this in a compelling, vibrant and thought-provoking manner – one that challenges the traditional approach to personal finance. The traditional approach tends to focus on increasing your technical knowledge – rationalizing that if you learn a particular how-to all will be fine. This is typically far too generic and boring and not of much value.

When Jacquette speaks, she breathes new life into how you relate to money and make your financial decisions – helping you to identify and tap into your money strengths, style and personality. Her fully interactive presentations are intellectually-stimulating, results-oriented, and behavior-focused.  Whether she is speaking to a small group or a few thousand, you can count on Jacquette to create an environment that is intimate, non-judgmental, supportive and fun.

Jacquette has two signature talks:

“Financial Success Doesn’t Start in Your Wallet”

This workshop is designed to help smart, driven and curious high-earners who, sometimes, become financially distracted and anxious about their financial responsibilities and choices shift to being confident, deliberate and strategic.

Key takeaways for your audience:

  • Discover the limitations of their current financial plan, strategy and systems;
  • Make use of newfound insight to optimize opportunities to save more, remove debt, invest smarter, spend more wisely, earn more; and
  • Make savvy decisions with their money, regardless of income, wealth or circumstances.

“Successful, Profitable…and Not Broke”

This workshop is designed to make sure new and seasoned entrepreneurs and small business owners have a business model, sales process and pricing strategy that supports their personal financial goals, too. This workshop integrates business and financial coaching; it integrates the psychology and emotions of money with the math of money.

Key takeaways for your audience:

  • Discover the limitations of their current financial plan, strategy and systems – personally and with their business – and make the necessary adjustments;
  • Utilize a framework (not a formula) to help them price (and bid, where appropriate) with more ease and confidence (and learn how to ensure that a “won” bid is also a profitable one);
  • Make use of newfound insight in order to optimize opportunities that will enable them to have more impact and influence, and make more money (a combination intended to lead to short- and long-term growth and sustainability); and
  • Make one of the best business decisions an entrepreneur and business owner can make: ensure your business’ success takes care of their personal finances, too.

Jacquette is available for single day events. However, she LOVES conducting multi-day events or multi-city tours. Please note: For her signature workshops, the content and case-studies shared can be customized based on the audience profile (e.g., affinitiy groups based on gender, ethnicity & orientation. Additionally, Jacquette can be booked as a keynote speaker, panelist, panel moderator, or to custom-design a workshop experience for your audience.

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