Helping People Manage Financial Stress – Better

One Intentional Choice at a Time

Talking about money can be anxiety-ridden, boring and the very last thing folks want to do.

Unless Jacquette M. Timmons is on the stage (or on the screen). Her body of work, more than three decades working in financial services, and effervescent personality create a warm, engaging and accessible experience that helps to reduce an audience’s anxiety about money.

She is well known for her ability to integrate the psychology + emotions of money with the numbers in an engaging, aha-inducing, and fun way. She does this in a compelling, vibrant and thought-provoking manner – one that challenges the traditional approach to personal finance. The traditional approach tends to focus almost exclusively on the numbers and on increasing your technical knowledge – rationalizing that if you learn a particular how-to all will be fine. This is typically far too generic and boring and not of much value.

When Jacquette speaks, she breathes new life into how you relate to money and make your financial decisions – helping you to identify and tap into your money strengths, style and personality. Her fully interactive presentations are intellectually-stimulating, results-oriented, and behavior-focused.  Whether she is speaking to a small group or a few thousand, you can count on Jacquette to create an environment that is intimate, non-judgmental, supportive, and fun. Yes, talking about can be fun!

“What you bring as a speaker is a magnetism that wins people over, making them want to keep listening to you; a fresh perspective that isn’t the same old theories; a twist on the theme of financial management; a skillful means of making the science art.

T.B. HR Executive

Jacquette has two signature talks:

“Financial Success Doesn’t Start in Your Wallet”

This workshop is designed to help smart, driven and curious high-earners who, sometimes, become financially distracted and anxious about their financial responsibilities and choices shift to being confident, deliberate, and strategic.

Key takeaways for your audience:

  • Discover an alternative to the traditional approach to personal finance. This monolithic approach amplifies your stress;
  • Experiment with a fresh take on key habits to practice intentionally. Your financial knowledge, income, and wealth are not the factors you likely think they are;
  • Develop a system to measure and track your progress, so that you don’t let financial setbacks or adjusting to increasing financial success prevent proactive engagment with your money.

Your audience will leave with a framework that will help them to manage their choices around money – at every income and wealth level – and create a personalized financial game-plan that reflects their goals, and money style and strengths.

    “Pricing Made Human® – How to Price Your Genius”

    This workshop is for smart, driven, curious, high-earning entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of business, who sometimes find themselves feeling stuck and less confident about their prices and their pricing strategy and approach. It’s designed to make sure you have a business model, sales process, and pricing strategy that supports your personal financial goals, too – by integrating business and financial coaching, along with the psychology and emotions of money with the math of money.

    Pricing Made Human® tackles pricing from all sides: the financial, the emotional, the personal.

    During this presentation, Jacquette will share:

    • The four reasons pricing is hard; two of which might surprise you.
    • A pricing framework you can utilize each time you create and/or refine a service or product – and set or raise your prices, accordingly.
    • A pricing framework designed to ensure you have a stronger personal financial foundation because you have a strong business financial foundation.
    • The things increasing your prices can’t fix.

     All so you can price for profit; short- and long-term growth and sustainability; the value you create; and use a pricing model that intentionally integrates the health of your personal finances, too!

    Jacquette is available for single day events. However, she LOVES conducting multi-day events or multi-city tours. Please note: For her signature workshops, the content and case-studies shared can be customized based on the audience profile (e.g., affinitiy groups based on gender, ethnicity & orientation. Additionally, Jacquette can be booked as a keynote speaker, panelist (including fireside chats), panel moderator, or to custom-design a workshop experience for your audience.

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