Let’s explore if my business + financial coaching approach is right for you and your business.

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Here’s what you should know: I believe conventional business wisdom is failing you and your business.

  • If you’re struggling and living client to client, it’ll say you have a sales and pipeline problem.
  • If you’re having difficulty gaining more traction in your current market or making a name for yourself in a new one, it’ll say you have a messaging problem.
  • If you’re under-earning because you’re under-charging, it’ll suggest doubling your prices.

And if you’re doing well – on a solid financial footing, it’ll say you’re good…everything is going well.

Conventional business wisdom focuses on the problem you can see. However, doing this often costs you time, energy, as well as money!

Here’s my perspective

Let’s start with this: Business problems are natural; they simply represent a gap you’re trying to close.

But what I’ve come to appreciate about these problems (learned from first-hand experience, as well as from my work with a variety of coaching clients) is that the problem you can see (or feel) is rarely the problem. So, you have to address the problem behind the problem.

Doing so is a vehicle for helping you to make better, more sustainable business decisions. It’s also how you run and grow a business that puts you and the health of your personal finances first. (I bet you don’t hear that too often, do you?)

Who are my clients

For nearly twenty years, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of coaching clients who work as therapists, doctors, photographers, coaches, strategists, designers, engineers, lawyers, educators, agency owners, authors, startup founders. In other words, expertise-based entrepreneurs and business owners who are innovators, change lives, curious, and trailblazers.

When I work with clients, the “problem” that brought us together is our starting point. One that leads us to integrating the relationship you have with money, with yourself, with your business, and the people you serve into the answers we discover and solutions we implement.

That’s how I’ve helped others generate more revenue, have more consistent and positive cashflow, and be more profitable.

That’s what I’d love to do with you, too.

“Jacquette’s energy and enthusiasm are so infectious. She not only listened to my struggles and fogginess when it comes to aligning personal and professional finances, she also presented an unexpected solution to the process that I was planning. By working on our personal and family financial goals first, I was then able to design and simplify my business services to support them. I cannot imagine doing it the other way around now!”


A bit about me

I’m Jacquette M. Timmons. As a financial behaviorist, I run a coaching and speaking business that focuses on the human side of money.  And, I am committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money.

Also, I want entrepreneurs to take better care of their personal finances.

I’m a traditionally published author; I host live events; I host a podcast; and I speak for Fortune 100 and AM Law 200 companies, and nationally known non-profit organizations. 

And, I provide business + financial coaching. I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of business, with 0-10 team members/employees, and who work in a broad spectrum of industries.


The facts, challenges, problems, desires and opportunities of each business with which I work are as varied as the people behind them. And I am just as passionate about helping my clients have a thriving business as I am about the financial health of the person behind the business!! 

Thriving business. Thriving life. This combo is my goal. 

My coaching style and framework helps my clients move through the stages of self-awareness to self-empowerment to personalized action. When I work 1:1 with you, it’s a chance to really dive deep and set you up to be “Successful, Profitable…and Not Broke!”

Not broke financially. Not broke energetically. Not broke creatively.

“I worked with Jacquette at the very beginning of starting a new business (my second one). She helped me distill down my massive brain dump of thoughts and ideas around the business into one niched-down key offer I should be focusing on first to start bringing in income.”


Let’s explore if my business + financial coaching approach is right for you and your business.

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