Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly Workbook™

The Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly Workbook™ is a 48-page workbook, which consists of ten worksheets that will help you:

1) Discover what you have, what you tend to do with what you have and why.

2) Wisely use the money you have today to get to where you want to be
… in the future.

3) Evaluate the assets you own (or plan to own) by teaching you how to
… properly analyze individual stocks, mutual funds and income-generating
… real estate.

4) Monitor and manage your portfolio, if you are a self-directed investor
… – or –
… Ask the right questions of your investment professional(s), if you’ve
… hired someone.

5) Confirm that all of your important financial documents are current
… and filed in a safe place.

6) Take the proper precautions to protect your identity and credit.

7) Become systematic, strategic and less emotional about money.
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