What’s Your Money Story?

Does your money story look anything like the picture to your left?

Do you have income and assets, but don’t feel wealthy?

Do you feel wealthy, even though your bank and investment accounts might indicate otherwise?

What you think about money influences what you do with your money.

What you do with your money reveals elements of your money story.

Your money story is influenced by the people you spend the most time with – like your family, friends and work colleagues. But it is also influenced by popular cultural and current economic and political factors.

And what you don’t know or understand about your money story can cost you more than dollars and cents: It can cost you two things I bet you value tremendously: options & control.

Helping you understand your money story; helping you really understand what you have, what you tend to do with what you have and why; helping you have more options and greater control of those options is what I do.

I’m Jacquette M. Timmons. I work as a financial coach, trainer and speaker, and media personality. I am also the author of “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate” and the creator of the Financial Intimacy Conference. I’m known for leading thought-provoking conversations about money, choices, relationships and life and providing practical tools to help you create the life you want.

Whether I’m facilitating a workshop; coaching an individual or couple; or penning my thoughts about the need to focus on our individual and collective behavior with money, my one aim is to help people like you live “Life By Design” rather than by default. Unfortunately living by default is how most of us have been conditioned to live – especially in times of economic challenges and uncertainty. But a different choice can and I believe should be made. So…

If you are willing to invest 75-minutes and want to:

  • Make working for your money and having your money work for you easier
  • Increase your (financial) self-awareness, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Know the 7 critical things you can implement immediately to strengthen your relationship with money
  • Weave your money story with your sweetie’s to form your ideal couple’s money story
  • Know how & why you need to separate the facts of your money story from your perception of those facts

Then join me on Tuesday, April 3rd at 8:00pm EST!

Yes, Count Me In!

During our time together, I will take you through a series of “simple” but profound questions that will expose the quality of your financial and non-financial choices. Likewise, I’ll show you how to use your answers to these questions as a springboard to close the gap between where you are and where you really want (or need) to be. And, I’m recording the call for those unable to join us ‘live’ or for those who may just want to have a refresher!

Spring has sprung. It’s that time of year when you turn your attention to getting rid of clutter; sprucing up the house; and changing over your closets – switching out heavier winter clothes for lighter and brighter-colored ones.

Why not apply the same “spring cleaning” process to your money?!

Get rid of the old ways of thinking and behaving with money in a manner that no longer serves you and usher in new practices that will help you increase your wealth and abundance!!

This ‘closed’ tele-seminar is just for the members of Directions For Women, Forte Foundation, National Urban Fellows and Women in the Boardroom.

On Tuesday, April 3rd at 8:00pm EST, join other smart, savvy, and dynamic women just like you — women who recognize that the more they know and understand their money story, the more powerful they can be in every area of their life!

Ready? Perfect!!! Click on the “Yes, Count Me In!” button below, give us your name and email address and you’ll be sent the dial-in details.

Yes, Count Me In!






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