You know that sense of accomplishment you feel when you achieve a goal? That high-five moment that is especially sweet because you’ve been diligently working toward it for years?

Hold onto that sentiment as you read what follows…

“I may have started small, but over the course of several years, I have been able to save six-figures…cash (!) – all because of what I learned during one of Jacquette’s workshop. As a result, I recently left an unsatisfying position to explore other career options in comfort. This is what having financial freedom looks and feels like for me!” L. Faison

Did you catch that? Six-figures in cash!!

Talk about a proud teacher, “yeyea!” moment. When I got the email that contained “L’s” life update and included the above testimonial, I was smiling from ear to ear, thrilled to pieces and overcome with joy.

And humbled. Humbled because, especially in workshop settings, I never really know what impact I’m having on people because I can’t control what they take away or what they do with what they take away.

But the more important reason for my joy has nothing to do with me and everything to do with “L:” She did the effing work!

She was deliberate; she was tenacious; she sacrificed; she focused on her goals and vision.

She went all-out for her goals…and herself.


(“L” could lend $400 to 250 people! Don’t know what I am talking about? Click here. But, I digress…)

“L’s” story and journey epitomizes what happens when you mix action + time.

But as you know taking action isn’t always easy. Neither is having patience as you wait for the results to unfold. Not by a long shot.

First, there’s much more to taking action than movement. Our culture, which has a warped sense of “busy” and enjoys portraying success as “effortless” and “overnight,” amplifies this truth.

Second, there are a myriad of factors that can often derail your one step forward by pushing you two steps back.

I’m putting the spotlight on “L’s” accomplishment because she deserves it. She didn’t set a goal and then cross her fingers or hold her breath hoping to meet this goal. Her choices did that.

But I’m also sharing her milestone for another reason: It is a wake-up call for you (and me) as we quickly round second base (sorry…I couldn’t resist a baseball reference) and greet the middle of the year in a few short weeks.

Because now is actually the perfect time to ensure you finish the year strong!

Now is a good time to evaluate if you’re ahead of yourself, on target, or need to create a catch-up plan.

Now is a good time to ask and answer the question – “Are You Going All-Out for Your Goals?”

To help you objectively answer that, do this for the next seven days:

  • Track your time – go beyond calendaring your activities to detailing what you’re actually doing
  • Track your choices – admittedly this is a cumbersome request, but oh so worth it…track each choice and decision you make from the seemingly small ones (e.g., buying coffee) to the big ones (e.g., making a career move)
  • Track your money – you knew this was coming – document what you purchase; how much you spend; whether it was something you wanted or needed; what was your mood at the time (e.g., happy, sad…)

Once you’ve done the above tracking for seven days, set aside 60-minutes or so to benchmark your data against your goals. This will give you a chance to identify what’s working (and do more of that) or what isn’t working (and adjust accordingly).

“L” didn’t reach her significant milestone by being passive. The same is true for you and me.

So, let’s end the year strong…starting NOW!

p.s. If you’re game for doing the financial equivalent of a check up together, then join me on Tuesday, May 24 at 8pm ET for a free webinar. We’ll go through a three-step process covering your financial vitals; doing a financial exam; and giving you a financial diagnosis. Click here.


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