Your day starts early; it ends late.

You thought your schedule would only be “crazy” for a little while — just for the duration of this project. But the project deadline has passed and is now complete and you’re still busy.

Without a pause, you’ve moved on to the next one.

No wonder you feel overwhelmed and over-loaded with information and to-do’s.

Yet, ironically most of the information you’re consuming & the to-do’s on your list have very little to do with your own self-care…like managing your personal finances.

You not only lack time to do-it-yourself. You lack the time (and/or energy) to find a professional to help you.

How close to home am I hitting?!

Listen, I didn’t paint the above picture with a finger wagging at you. Well, not just at you – 🙂 I’m pointing a few fingers at myself as well.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Each year since 2007, I’ve been on the hamster wheel with one major, all-consuming project after another – in addition to my work: first it was writing my book proposal; then getting an agent; once the book sold, it was writing it to meet the publisher’s submission deadline; then it was line-edits and pre- & post-publishing promotion; followed by creating and launching the Financial Intimacy Conference while simultaneously co-creating but never launching a behavioral finance assessment tool; and finally, overhauling the front- and back-ends of my business (an initiative that is still underway).

I know busy because of pressing, looming deadlines that are sometimes self-imposed and at other times set by others. I know busy from trying to find a satisfying personal-professional life blend. (Not too certain I buy into the notion of work-life balance.) And, I know busy due to mismanaged time.

So when prospects or clients tell me they are too busy to do any of the work I suggest – whether that is tracking their money; journaling; scheduling money dates; creating a rhythmic system for saving, investing, paying bills, planning down debt, and getting (or staying) financially organized, to name a few –  I can legitimately raise an eyebrow that communicates through the phone a look that says…”really?”

The look is followed by some version of “let’s explore that…” or “let’s unpack that…” or “okay, how’s that working for you?” The latter is ala Dr. Phil.

While I get “busy,” you and I must ensure busy doesn’t replace taking care of the essentials. And nothing is more vital to your present and future well-being than you proactively managing your money!

A cheat-sheet for busy-folk

Can’t jump out of the hamster wheel just yet? No worries. Being busy doesn’t have to mean all is lost.

If you’re too busy to manage your money, but you need to earn more right now – track your time.

If you’re too busy to manage your money, but you need to save more right now – track your money.

If you’re too busy to manage your money, but you need to improve your investment performance right now – confirm you know your holdings.

If you’re too busy to manage your money, but you need to get your spending under control – track your habits and the quality of your choices.

The holidays are coming and if you are too busy (or tired) to manage your money right now, it’s only going to become even more challenging.

Therefore, I invite you to use the above as a quick cheat-sheet to help you tackle and focus on one aspect of your money. You may be too busy to manage all aspects of your money right now, but surely, you can find…err…create the time to manage one element at a time by addressing the piece that needs your urgent attention.

If you are too busy (or tired) to manage your money, give the above a go and leave a comment to let me know how it goes!


p.s. has being too busy caused you to neglect important elements of your debt management approach? Would you like help with that? If so, click here to check out this free training video.

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