Unless you are intentionally fasting, you eat everyday, right? 

And, you probably use your money everyday – whether in the form of cash, debit/credit card, online banking/online transactions.

But how often do you think of the correlation between what you do with your money and how you treat your body?

No, I’m not writing to tell you about how money is a motivator to lose weight. Though there are studies to support that. I am writing about something much more exciting…and sustainable!

What if you could “eat more, workout less, and treat yourself often and still have the body you wanted”? Counter-intuitive, right? Now, imagine learning how to apply a similar framework to the habits, discipline, and thought patterns that lead to your success with money?

I am so excited to explore these themes in an upcoming live webinar-training featuring Liz DiAlto – fitness & lifestyle coach for busy woman!

Next Tuesday, October 16th at 8pm EST, we’re having a jam session that is all about showing busy women how to get their money right & their bodies tight (before the holidays). Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I mean isn’t this the time of the year where your waist-line tends to expand a tiny bit and your wallet tends to constrict a lotta bit? (I know the grammar is wrong, but work with me… -;o)

Well, instead of the usual happening this holiday season: weight up/wallet down. Let’s plant the seeds for a new scenario: weight down (or tight and steady)/wallet up.

If you’re game for exploring just how to make this happen; if you’re curious about the myriad ways in which your relationship with your money and your body intersect, then I invite you to join Liz and me for a virtual ladies night out.

The money/body connection is real…very, very real!

Liz and I have seen the correlation of money and weight unfold right before our eyes whilst working with our clients: I have worked with clients who have lost weight while getting their money in order; Liz has worked with clients who started out on a weight loss journey and discovered a better way of spending their money along the way. It’s all about awareness, and as soon as you heighten your awareness in one domain of your life, you can’t help but apply that to other spheres.

Click here to register for the live webinar-training,  “A Busy Woman’s Guide to Getting Her Money Right & Her Body Tight (before the holidays) – featuring Liz DiAlto!

Next Tuesday is going to be awesome! You know my energy and commitment to sharing with you practical tips, suggestions and tools; Liz’ energy is just as high and she is just as committed to giving you concrete takeaways!! (Check out her YouTube channel.) Plus, we both have a counter-intuitive way of processing the world. A perfect combination given all the juicy stuff we’re going to discuss, e.g., habits, beliefs, issues of identify & self-esteem, to name a few, and how they are all rolled up in our view of money and our bodies.

I can hardly contain my excitement about our upcoming event. You can feel free to think of it as our early holiday gift to you -;o)

And, come prepared with questions. In fact, if you send them in advance, you may be the lucky person who gets randomly selected for the “hot seat” – a fancy way of saying we’ll dive deeper into your goals and questions.

Haven’t registered yet? Here’s the link:
A Busy Woman’s Guide to Getting Her Money Right & Her Body Tight (before the holidays)


p.s. is your debt making you feel weighed down? if so, click here to check out this free training video.

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