“I’m coming out. I want the world to know; Got to let it show… There’s a new me coming out…And I just feel so good” Diana Ross (lyrics from “I’m Coming Out”)

Today is the day…it’s my “coming out” party! Yay!! I am SO proud and excited to welcome you to my new gorgeous website!!

Earlier this year, you may remember I wrote about not knowing what you’re missing until you have what you never had.

That’s how I feel today.

I lovingly blame Stephanie Pollock for setting the ball in motion. During one of our coaching sessions, she said, “Jacquette, there’s nothing wrong with your website; it’s perfectly fine; it’s pretty; but I just don’t feel you. Where’s the vibrant, funny, bold, upbeat person I speak with every week.”

Until that conversation, I didn’t realize the fullness of my personality wasn’t coming through to my site, visually.

When someone, I knew she didn’t know, also expressed the same sentiment about five months later, it really hit me that she was onto something.

McKenzie Slaughter also thought my site was lacking a little “umph,” as they say. And once she got her hands on it, I then saw just how much of the quirky, funky, fun, “full of life,” sexy, side of me was in fact absent from the previous iterations of first sterlingchoices.net and then jacquettetimmons.com-v1.0.

Vessels for messages

Three different people, one of whom lives in another country, all with the same feedback about my website. Hmmm…

Soon, it would become clear that this wasn’t about a website – that was simply a trigger to get my attention.

No, this was about something deeper, bigger, yet subtle and significant.

Getting to this very special day involved a process of asking, reflecting on, and answering questions you and I need to revisit – from time to time.

Because whether the issue is related to business growth or financial growth, it is ultimately about personal growth.

Side note: it is my opinion that personal finance won’t be truly personal until individuals and the industry do a better job of acknowleging the personal growth element of money.

The questions I found myself addressing were: who am I; what do I stand for and what am I willing to stand in front of; what lights me up and who do I get the most excited about working with, to name a few.

For me, the hardest part of this process was quieting the voice that says (after a heavy exhale), “But I’ve already answered this…”

This is an area where I can be just like many of my clients: resistant.

Answering questions you think you already have answers to is one of the best ways to confront resistance; it’s one of the best ways to, ultimately, get out of your own way.

For me, the most beautiful part of this process was getting more and more comfortable in my own skin.

And as I am sure my dear friend and weekly accountability partner, Alexia Vernon, would attest to, this 18-month journey wasn’t so much about me finding my voice as it was embracing it.

Embracing it so that I can show the world all I that I am and all I can be.

Embracing it so that I can show up fully and give my all, give my best to everyone I serve be it via coaching, speaking, teaching, or writing.

So, here I am coming out. Inspired today more than ever by the words of the poet and Jesuit priest, Gerard Manley Hopkins:

“What I do is me, for that I came.”


Again, welcome to my new site. I truly appreciate that you are here and look forward to what comes next in our journey together.


p.s. crossing this finish line is made all the more sweet thanks to Stephanie Pollock, Payson Cooper, Tara Gentile, Jullien Gordon, and McKenzie Slaughter. There aren’t enough thanks-yous to fully express my gratitude, but I hope you each know how much I appreciate you and the role you played in my evolution.

p.p.s. shout-out to photographer Frederick V. Nielsen, II and makeup artist Shantini Alleyne for a fun (and hot:inside joke) photo-shoot!

p.p.p.s. remember, it is usually the case that the thing you really need to address is lurking just beneath the surface of what has grabbed your attention…

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