Tonight is the 73rd Annual Golden Globes. As I write this post, many in Hollywood are getting all dolled up to celebrate the movies that were released in 2015.

As you may know, a lot goes into making a movie – whether it does well at the box office or not; whether it is critically-acclaimed or not. And, all movies have the same starting point: they began in someone’s imagination.

There’s the idea for the movie.

There’s the writing of the script.

There’s getting the script sold.

There’s story-boarding the script – or creating short scenes.

There’s hiring a director, producer, cinematographer, composer, etc.

There’s casting the movie, scouting a filming location (or several), and such.

There’s designing the sets and costumes.

There’s….so much that happens behind-the-scenes that influences what is seen.

Movies don’t get made without the involvement of many people knowing what role they play in the bigger scheme of things, and showing up to execute on their role. As a result, the people walking the red carpet tonight do so a) because of the team effort behind their project, and b) as confirmation of all that happened leading up to the completion of it.

The making of a movie…the making of a life

This evening’s Golden Globes got me to thinking about you and your plans for 2016. Here’s why:

Movies don’t get made without these two words – “And, action!” Said every day, several times a day.

The actions taken stem from someone…

  • having a vision
  • creating a plan to implement that vision
  • using tools that map the plan to the vision
  • knowing what actions will most effectively and efficiently drive progress toward the ultimate goal
  • measuring predetermined benchmarks
  • keeping track of time, budget and other resources

You may not currently look at your life as a movie, but you might want to. Because there are many parallels between making a movie and designing the life of your dreams!

Both require focus, commitment, discipline, determination, boundaries, and resiliency.

Both require many people operating in different, yet complementary, roles.

Both require the ability to edit along the way.

Both require a willingness to measure the actions taken and not taken.

In other words, there’s nothing passive about the process of making a movie. The same is true for designing the life you’re excited about living.

As we enter the second week of January 2016, are you still energized and excited about the possibilities you foresaw at the top of the year (or in December)? Are you still taking the next right action for each goal and resolution?

Only one person (or picture) will win the prized Golden Globe award this evening in the designated categories. But every movie, whether nominated or not, whether made last year or 73-years ago, started with an invisible idea that someone turned into something tangible.

That’s not unlike the transformation you’re bringing about via your goals and resolutions.

All the movies being acknowledged tonight started in the same way and went through a similar process of evolution. So, like the movies…

Do you have a clear vision; do you have a plan; do you know what tools will support you as you implement your plan; do you know what actions you need to take – daily, weekly; have you created a way to track your progress; do you know what signals to be on the lookout for to either confirm you’re on the right path or need to course-correct; do you know what you need in terms of time, money and resources…and how to track it all; do you know how you’ll celebrate your achievement?

If you answer “no” to even just one of the above questions, you’re going to want to join the free training I’m offering on January 19th. Stay tuned for more details.


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