I am an avid runner, logging approximately 12-15 miles most weeks. Yet, I’ve never run a marathon, let alone THE marathon – as in the New York City/ING Marathon. But each year, you can find me on the sidelines in Brooklyn cheering on the runners.  I get so excited for them, inspired by the discipline and dedication I know it takes (took) for them to reach this point, and am awestruck by those running with a physical impairment.

By the time the runners reach me, they are about one-third through the 26.2 mile race. Some people are running with ease, while others show visible signs of needing a little boost. And the Brooklyn onlookers certainly don’t fail them there! -;o)

As I reflect on this year’s race, I can’t help but think about the role of cheerleaders in our lives – personally and professionally. They are absolutely invaluable and indispensable! (Continue Reading…)

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