I thought I’d wrap up this current love + money series with a little David Bowie. Specifically, his song, “Let’s Dance.” Yes, that funk-based love song from the 80s.

There are like a bazillion songs in the world, yet this is the one that popped to mind when I thought about love + money being:

  • a dance

To make love + money work well, you need two people who are in sync more times than not; two people who are both willing to take the lead and willing to follow – and who know which role they are in, and when it’s best to be in that role for the sake of the relationship.

  • a medley

A medley – whether you’re talking about music or something else – really boils down to a mixture. At the end of the day, the same is true when it comes to love + money…you are mixing together the histories, goals, aspirations, expectations, hopes, life-visions, dreams, habits, choices, preferences, etc. of two people. Ideally, you want that mixture to produce a harmonious end result!

  • an on-going exercise in managing opposites, contrasts and contradictions

The opening verse of “Let’s Dance” says it all! “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues…”

  • a commitment

Being the child of a musician and having played an instrument for seven years, one thing I know about music is that you never stop practicing! I also know that discipline is deeply embedded in even free-form music.

To make love + money work, you must be willing to practice demonstrating love (as the other person needs it, not just purely on how you wish to give it); you must be willing to practice money (in other words, have a teachable spirit that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to managing your finances); you must be willing to embrace commitment as the container that holds practice and discipline together.

  • fun

Gosh…you have no idea how many people literally wince when I mention love + money. It conjures up almost every emotion, but fun! But what is dancing, if not pure, unadulterated fun. Especially if you let yourself cut loose!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this love + money series, which began with my piece – “This Thing Called Love.” (If you missed it or any of other related posts, click here to catch up!) I hope in these weeks, I’ve given you something to think about, as well as something to experiment with and try.

What are you composing?

When I think about ALL the elements at play when it comes to love + money:

  • your beliefs, thoughts, behavior about and with money; your family background; your own choices; how you are influenced by society, etc
  •  the numbers
  •  your structure + systems

It really is all a dance…

Thanks for letting me groove with you!  🙂

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