At this time of the year, when everyone is talking and thinking about new beginnings, I’d like to suggest to those of you working to build intimate relationships that you talk with your mate about money and financials – often and honestly.

While it is true that the intersection of love and money has been around since time immemorial, I’d argue that the specifics of what we talk about vary greatly from decade to decade. Just think of how these factors are playing out in the 21st century relative to the 1960’s or 1940’s – especially for women.

Today more women graduate college than do men at a ratio of 3:2; 51% of women now work in high-paying management and professional positions; and, the number of women earning more than $250,000 a year continues to rise, even in the lagging economy.

Economists and bankers may not view the financial crisis of 2011 as a sequel to the one of 2008. (Click here to read more…)

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