Ah, man…I wanted nothing more than to follow through on what I promised last week. To write and say, “Yeah baby, we’re live. Check out my new website!!”

But alas, I am not 🙁

We need a little more time.

The wait won’t be long, though; we will be ready to go live next week. However, my “announcement” post is not appropriate for today.

Everything has a rhythm

When I was thinking of what to write about instead, the lyrics of an old funk song by Parliament Funkadelic popped to mind: “…if it don’t fit, don’t force it…”

From the beginning, I have thought of this series of behind-the-scenes posts as “shadows.” Meaning: my intent for sharing the lessons I have learned, during this period of transformation, is/was so they could serve a purpose for you, too.

I guess this experience has another lesson for you and me to (re)learn.

I’m curious to know what you think it is; I think it is about timing and our relationship to waiting; acceptance; and control. And the practice of quieting the part of our ego that asks, “What will people think?” – but not in a healthy way.

Sometimes, things simply don’t work out the way you and I want…they don’t come to fruition according to a nice, neat timeline – even when you’re working from the best project plan and task list.

If you are a type-A, control-freak like me, this can be a bit of a problem. Resistance to what is is often a thorn in my side. When delays happen, the adage, “every delay is not a denial,” or, “now is not the time,” can sound so cliche-y. And they are the very last words I really want to hear. Yet, they are also wonderful reminders for another adage, “everything happens for a reason.”

Admittedly, I have no idea of what may be the cosmic reason we’re not ready to go live this week. It certainly isn’t because we haven’t been working diligently, that’s for sure! McKenzie and I have been burning the after-midnight oil.

But here’s what I do know:

To say that McKenzie Slaughter, of BrandUps, “gets” me is an understatement. Working with her has truly been a God-send.

And when you’re working with a creative genius who creates visuals like this:


…you can probably understand why I have ants in my pants and can hardly contain my excitement!!

So, barring any further delays, I’ll be back next week to show off the new look…woot-woot.



p.s. coming soon: the next round of Master the Language of Love + Money!

p.p.s. many thanks to Ginger Legon of the Leadership Program – click here to check us out talking about money + leadership.


photo credit: Google images

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