and The Financial Intimacy Lounge Membership.

Goals. They can be pretty darn demanding, right? Especially your financial ones.


  • Needing a plan of action in order to come to fruition.
  • Requiring you to have a community of like-minded people behind you. You know, like in the think-and-grow-rich kinda of way that says (loosely) your wealth will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
  • Requiring you to have a co-pilot – an accountability partner that, at times, has higher expectations for your success than you do for yourself.
  • Demanding you use a cross-section of resources that:
    • address the myriad dimensions of money;
    • increase your motivation to do more of what’s right for you and less of what isn’t;
    • don’t just increase your awareness of financial how-tos, but enhance your knowledge and understanding of how you experience money, too.


This is where the Financial Intimacy Lounge Membership comes into your financial picture.

I’ve been working on the revamp of this for awhile now (and hinting at it, too!), and I am really, really excited about it. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It contains all the elements for creating and refining your financial goals, along with a framework for a master plan that make all the ways money intersects with your life do so as seamlessly as possible.
  • It’s been designed for independent thinkers whom understand that unbiased advice doesn’t mean undirected. Who get that questions like, “Am I doing it right?” or “What am I missing?” are actually good to have – they keep you on your toes and prompt you to challenge the status quo.
  • It’s been created for savvy people who want to be engaged in a conversation about how to best manage all the dimensions of money – not talked at. You know what I mean?
  • It makes pleasure a key factor of interacting with ALL aspects of your money. Since it is something you need and use everyday, in every way, why not – right?

The Financial Intimacy Lounge Membership is what the future of DIY personal finance looks like, in my opinion. If financial coaching + training got together with financial planning and had an awesome baby, this would be it!

Ready to join us? Click here now.

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