You are not alone.

I know “hate” is such a strong and unpleasant word. And sure, I could have chosen to use the word “dislike” instead. But sometimes this adulting thing requires we not mince words.

This is such a time.

Because if I am right, the question that titles this post resonates with almost everyone to some degree.

There is likely to be something about personal finance (or the personal finance industry) you hate. For example, maybe…

  • You hate talking about money
  • You hate paying bills
  • You hate managing your money
  • You hate managing the paperwork – whether hard copy or electronic
  • You hate tracking your money
  • You hate creating a budget
  • You hate dealing with your emotions regarding money
  • You hate feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing, or feeling inexperienced about knowing what questions to ask or whom to trust or what steps to take to achieve your goals
  • You hate listening to and/or interacting with financial professionals who make you feel bad about the choices you’ve made or are currently making
  • You hate having no guarantees your financial strategy or investment plan will really, really work
  • You hate planning and the constraints that come with
  • You hate working with that financial professional that believes one-size-fits-all
  • You hate feeling ashamed about the current condition of your finances
  • You hate hearing financial jargon that makes money anything but fun and interesting
  • You hate doing your best and still feeling like you’re coming up short

And to think… this is probably a short list!

I didn’t make up the above. These are sentiments that clients, workshop attendees and friends have expressed. Heck, I “own” several of these myself.

Which is why both from a professional and personal standpoint, I can confidently say this:

When it comes to personal finance, the thing you hate usually becomes the thing you avoid.

The thing you avoid usually becomes your Achilles heel, and this usually morphs into an area of vulnerability. And that’s a bummer.

Because where you’re vulnerable tends to also represent an opportunity that you frequently dismiss and overlook. Even though it could lead to what you want: more money, confidence and financial freedom.

Turn what you hate about personal finance into your ally.

Here’s how:

1) Acknowledge what you hate on paper

Write down what it is you hate about personal finance (or the personal finance industry), and be sure to note why. The “why” is filled with golden nuggets of information and insight!

2) Brainstorm a counter-approach

Using a combination of your “what” and “why,” consider various ways your what and whys are potentially hindering the achievement of your goals. Post-it’s are a great tool for this!

3) Go from hating to liking

For each “way” you identify in #2 above, offset it by identifying at least one (1) action you can take to turn what is something you hate into something you like and embrace.

Maybe you’re satisfied with your current financial experience, condition and results. If not and you want things to be better, these three (3) steps can help. They can help you create a roadmap for both caring about your money and liking it too! Or, at the very least help you hate it a little less 🙂

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