Every now and then, we all have to eat a little “humble pie.” Well, my moment happened earlier this week. I am about to share something that is incredibly embarrassing – especially given that I am a financial coach who aims to walk the talk. But before I get to the details of my moment of discomfit, I need to share some context as it will highlight why my humble pie experience was also profoundly instructive.

If you are a regular reader of Awaken Your Careerpreneur, you may recall my post of 9 January, “Are You Making the Changes Growth Requires?” In it, I highlighted, as the title suggests, that our goals require us to change something – at least on some level – as we work toward achieving our goals. Specifically, I shared my epiphany that growing my business to the next level would require more bodies than my own. As such, I set out to bring on-board one new business development consultant; by March, I had actually signed on three!

April and May were insanely busy and June is shaping up to be even more so.  I am not complaining about what is on my plate because it is all related to my top three goals for 2011. But, I must admit to feeling extremely overwhelmed at times and handling some administrative matters in a haphazard, “putting out a fire” sort of way.

Case in point: A few weeks ago, my wallet was so stuffed with receipts I couldn’t even close it. (Continue reading…)

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