Imagine: You’re a college graduate. You’ve been working for 15 years. In other words, you are a full-fledged adult with grown-up responsibilities. But you have this dream; it’s one you’ve had for a very long time; and to pursue it, you have to go back to college…for six more years!

Would you do it? Would you leave the security of your current work and steady income to become a full-time student (again) in order to pursue a life-long dream?

A lot of people talk about the dreams they have, but never follow-thru on them. They never see their dreams materialize, in part, because “transitioning into a new career/lifestyle/life stage” is too daunting. Not to mention potentially unsettling financially, as well.

Tammy felt daunted and unsure, too. But she reached a point where she couldn’t let this stop her. She had a dream and gosh darn it, she was ready to make it happen.

It’s never too late to start anew

This past May Tammy graduated with a degree in her dream profession (yay!).  She has a job, doing satisfying work alongside people she likes and admires (yay, yay and yay!)

Career, lifestyle, life stage re-boot: √.

Financial reboot: not so fast!

Even before returning to school, Tammy admits that the condition of her finances weren’t in the best of shape. Her challenges were not unlike perhaps the ones you have as well: not saving enough; investing blindly; not having a strategy or a system; not being a planner when it came to her money. And because she wasn’t in dire straits, she had grown comfortable with being in what she described as “neutral.”

(Sidenote: Doing “well enough” can camouflage a host of financial leaks.)

Having transitioned into her new career, she was now ready to focus on the financial pieces that were missing. Like saving, buying a home, (re)funding her 401k savings, taking a much needed vacation. Again, not too unlike goals you may have.

When Tammy made the decision to join the Summer cohort of Find Your Financial Sweet Spot, she made three key choices — choices that are helping her take charge of her personal finances instead of allowing money to be something that “happens” to her.

She made up her mind

It may sound weird, but simply making the declaration that now is the time is a big, BIG part of starting over, in general, but definitely when it comes to your money. When you put your proverbial foot down, you are laser-focused and committed to doing the work required of you.

She let go of ‘shoulds’

On the application for the group coaching program, I ask people what are the things they think they “should” be doing with their money. This is an important elephant in the room, if you will. Because one of the hard, but necessary, choices you need to make is to forgive yourself — for past mistakes, as well as for what you didn’t do that you believe you should have. You make it harder to move forward if your mind is stuck on a past you can’t undo.

She did the work

Acknowledging you need help is one thing. So is taking the step to get that help. But then doing the work — investing the time to implement what you learn is quite another. Tammy did that, and as a result she is confidently and steadily moving through her financial journey with a system and a support network to realize her goals.

I love Tammy’s story. I love her courage to chase her dreams and do what others often talk about, but don’t actually follow-thru on. And, I especially love that she pushed through the emotional barriers and decided to take a stance and be the financial leader her money needs her to be.

She made up her mind to make a change; she worked on her mindset because she recognized money isn’t just about the numbers; and she made a commitment to walk the talk.

What about you? How intentionally and strategically are you chasing your dreams? How focused are you on addressing the financial pieces that are missing in your life?

Could doing what Tammy did help you achieve your goals? Could it make you a stronger financial leader?

I’m curious because the first call for the Fall cohort of Find Your Financial Sweet Spot is next Monday, September 21st.

I’m looking for the right group of ten (10) people to work with — to walk you through a journey that is designed to put you in the driver’s seat controlling how money impacts your life rather than money controlling how you experience life.

A journey that helps you create a personalized system for managing your money – one that works for you because it takes into account your strengths, style and personality.

A journey that will help you create an integrated savings, investment, spending and earnings plan so that your every goal – whether it’s to buy a home; be a more intelligent 401k investor; get out of debt; or confidently make a career and/or lifestyle change – is met with more ease than you previously thought possible.

Are you ready for such a journey? Are you ready to “do” money differently? Are you one of the ten?

Click here to apply.


p.s. The first call for Find Your Financial Sweet Spot is Monday, September 21st at 8pm ET.





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