Who says you can’t keep it light and provocative during the holiday weekend…

The title question is inspired by an article series by Esquire Magazine about the lives people can afford. One article asks four men at four different income levels about their lives; the other article poses the same questions to four different women at similar income levels.

For the men, the range is $1,000,000, $250,000, $53,000, and the poverty line.

For the women, the range is $1,000,000, $350,000, $80,000, and the poverty line.

I found the differences and similarities in their answers, even if not in words, then in spirit, fascinating. Especially their responses to the question: “One thing you need but can’t afford.

In my opinion, the answers are about sooooo much more than money. And, I believe it is far too simplistic to assign as the reason for the differences or even similarities gender or income.

Check out the pieces and tell me what do you think? Click here for the men’s article and click here for the women’s. (It’ll take less than five minutes to read both of them.)

What are your overall observations – about each article and when viewed as a series?

If you were writing your own profile using the Esquire piece as a template, what would be your answers to each question?

When you consider your answers and compare and contrast them to the eight men and women profiled, what do you notice about you and your relationship with money? Any new ideas? What about a shift in perspective? What about as it relates to the habits you either currently practice or are inspired to practice?

Yeah, I know…this is the long, holiday weekend.

Time for fun and relaxation.

Time for barbecues and maybe even beaches.

Time for “light” conversations.

Well, this is me keeping it “light and provocative.” 🙂 Who says the two can’t go hand-in-hand.

While you’re hanging out with family and friends, choose one (or several questions) from the Esquire profile to pose to your peeps. You’ll learn more about yourself (from your own answers as well as your reaction to others’ answers); you’ll learn more about the people you know and love – aka discovering the fascinating (money) lives of others.

Seems like a wonderful way to spend a holiday weekend that also includes honoring those that have and continue to serve our country.

Happy Memorial Day!

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