An interesting story was shared during the pre-launch tele-seminar for our aptly titled series exploring the intersection of money and work — Your Money, Your Career. One of the callers recently received a promotion, but not a raise!

It’s great to be recognized for your skills, knowledge, contributions, talents, and accomplishments. But when the “bigger” job doesn’t come with a commensurate salary increase, it begs a variation of the question made famous by the commercial from the 80’s for Wendy’s, the fast-food restaurant: “Where’s the money?”

Have you ever received a promotion without the raise?

I, along with Colette Ellis, Jodi Brockington and Malla Haridat – my collaborators on “How to Thrive in ANY Economy” part one in this series – shared our ideas and suggested strategies with the caller. (Download mp3 or Listen Online.) However, it’d be great to a) hear how you did (or would) handle this situation, and b) know if your chosen approach is influenced by the state of the economy and employment landscape?

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