I don’t know about for you, but September got here way, way too quickly for me. It seems like I blinked twice and before I knew it, we were greeting the “unofficial” end of summer. Honestly, I am a bit bummed by that – the year is flying by so quickly. Think about it…we just have four more months left to 2012! Yikes!!

What’s So Special About September?

My summer longings aside, there is something special about September. Like January 1 and birthdays, September represents fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s a time of renewed energy, and it gives you a chance to re-focus and re-commit to yourself. Ultimately, it represents an opportunity for one last push to bring to fruition the goals you declared at the top of the year, but have yet to fully achieve.

We are just a few days into the month and some children and adults are back to school, and some folks (maybe you, too?) are back to work after squeezing in one more vacation (or staycation).

There’s something else you may need to get back to you as well…

Do you need to get back to any habits; did you let them take a vacation as well. -;o)

Think about that question and consider what habits you need to get back to so that you can finish the year strong or even stronger? And while you are at it, use this as an opportunity to reconnect with your why — the why behind your habits; the why behind the goals those habits support.

Keep Your Eye on Your “Why”

I am discovering more and more how critically important your “why” is – there are some powerful forces packed into this three letter word. “Why” is the momentum that can truly help you bulldoze through seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles.

So, as we near the end of first full week of the “back to” month, take some time to reflect (as if it were your birthday or New Year) about your goals and what you want to accomplish this year and figure out what you need to “get back to” to make it happen.

And, use the comments section to share what you’re getting back to and how I (and others) can support you.

p.s. Mark your calendar for a special announcement next week. I am unveiling a free training seminar – “How to Take ‘It Sucks’ Out of Debt and Have More Time, Money & Emotional Freedom.” If you have debt and feel like getting out of it is a worthy, but elusive never-going-to-be reached goal, this is for you!

Photo Credit: Amber de Bruin, Flickr

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