Later tonight I’m hosting the first Financial Intimacy Hour of the year. My guest is Ali Shapiro, a client-described Swiss Army knife of wellness.

I’m excited to introduce you to her because she fuses together the tools of a nutritionist, trainer and psychologist. A perfect combination given the topic we’re tackling – the complicated and curious connection between emotional eating and impulse buying.

Fade Away

Of the top-ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 “lose weight” was #1 and “spend less, save more” was #3, according to the University of Scranton – Journal of Clinical Psychology. So, we’re talking about dieting and budgeting because there’s a high chance you made a food or money related resolution.

And there’s an even greater chance that 29 days into the new year, your enthusiasm, energy, and resolve have begun to fade. Not exactly the result you were intending, eh?

Where did your vigor go? Have you slipped or are you slipping because:

  • you weren’t realistic – were you hoping your excitement could carry you further than it has?
  • you didn’t prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the change required to change?
  • guilt, shame, or fear was your primary motivator?

These are just a few of the common reasons why resolutions fail; they also account for what almost every dieter and budgeter get wrong.

For the two things you and I can’t live without, it’s important to your overall well-being to have a healthy relationship with food and money. Though not often cast in this light, this combo is the backbone for clear-thinking, creativity, and efficient execution. In other words, it contributes to your awesomeness!

Pain Before Change

That’s why I asked what may seem to be an odd question: Are you a jumper or a big-toe dipper?

At the end of the day, resolutions are about and involve transformation – when the desired change you want to see, feel, or experience has become the new standard or new habit or new pattern or new mindset.

For transformation to happen, though, you gotta go through some discomfort. A process I liken to getting into a pool or the ocean…of cold water! You can jump right in to lessen the shock, or you can dip your toe and ease into it.

No one way is better over the other, but you do need to know if you’re jumper or a big-toe dipper. This self-awareness will ensure you evaluate and measure your progress appropriately and prevent you from mismanaging your expectations.

Resolutions are tricky buggers; frequently tripping up dieters and budgeters.

Neither Ali nor I believe in diets or budgets. And tonight, we’ll show you a better way to reach your goals in these areas. We are committed to showing you what to do to get your relationship with food and money right…to help set you up for success.

We’ll talk about tactics you’re probably familiar with (like making room for what you want and having a strong support system); life-style issues both food and money raise (sufficiency, security, and pleasure), along with tactics and connections that may be new to you. It’ll be a fun experience.

Even if your 2014 resolutions have nothing to do with food or money, I invite you to join us. The lessons are universal.

Click here to join Ali and me tonight (Wednesday, January 29th) at 8pm ET.

p.s. don’t keep tonight’s free event to yourself…invite other to attend “The Curious Connection Between Emotional Eating & Impulse Buying.” Share this link:

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