I really love coffee! I treasure a well-brewed cup, especially since I drink mine black, no sugar.

Lately, though, coffee has not been loving me. I am prone to migraines, of which coffee is a common trigger. So monitoring my coffee intake is nothing new, and I usually limit myself to one cup in the morning.

But for the last few weeks, coffee has been making me nauseous. I dismissed the first few times this occurred, attributing it to something else I had eaten. After a few days, there was no denying it — my body was rejecting coffee!

I decided to listen to my body and fast from it for a week, all the while missing the daily routine of getting my cup of mojo, immensely. Not because I need a jolt of caffeine to get my day going; I just love the smell and taste of it.

Yesterday, I thought I’d give it another shot. Just one sip in, I didn’t experience pure delight. Instead, I got the funny sensation that if I took another, I was going to regret that choice.

I don’t know if abstaining from coffee is a temporary or permanent thing. I’ll let my body “tell” me. What I do know is that it sucks to give up something I enjoy all because it has become “unhealthy” for me. Hmm…I wonder what take-away we can all learn from this.

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