Thank you.

Not the perfunctory expression of gratitude.

I’m talking about the drop to my knees – I am aware that I’m not entitled to your attention – kind of thanks.

Backstory: I have been hoping (praying earnestly, in fact) for something. I woke up this morning to an email saying it was approved. I muttered a “Thank you, God,” and immediately moved on to the next email in my inbox.

Then, I caught and said to myself, “Really, Jacquette?! You’re going to be that casual about something significant – that you know is really a big deal? Really, gurl?” (I also heard my mother giving me a talking to.)

I got out of bed. Got on my knees and gave thanks the way I was taught to give thanks!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (here in the U.S.) – bar none, my favorite holiday. And Saturday is my birthday. Yippee! So, it really is the season of giving thanks for me.

There is so much for me to be grateful for and that includes your presence.

Your choice to be a part of my online life and to allow me to be a part of yours means the world to me.

It truly is a privilege to have a platform like this to share what I find fascinating about money and the myriad ways in which it impacts almost every area of your life. It is a blessing to play a small role in what shapes your behavior and habits with money so you can make better, smarter choices.

I am having a blast exploring the human dimensions of money with you and you make it even more fun with your feedback, which energizes me in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you! The on my knees-kind 🙂

I hope you enjoy an awesome time with your family and friends. May your belly and soul be filled beyond satisfaction. And may the holiday remind you of how special you are to others (in real life and virtually), including to me.

Have a beautiful, safe and the happiest Thanksgiving!

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